To dream of thieves

Dreaming of a thief

What does it mean to have a thief in your dreams?

Dreams about thieves are pretty common and generally represent some sort of gain or progress in your love life.

13 thief dream interpretations

To dream of a thief

Dreaming of a thief doesn’t mean you’re about to be robbed or lose something valuable, but your fear losing love, friends, reputation, etc. Also, dreams about thieves could be a manifestation of your financial problems that have been troubling you for a while now. 

Dream about a thief robbing you

This dream might indicate that there is someone close to you who will constantly disrupt you on your way to success. 

A thief breaking into your house

Dream about a burglary represents your fears of being ignored by your family. You have a feeling that your parents or your partner don’t have feelings toward you anymore. It might also be a manifestation of your loss and a fear of losing your loved ones. 

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A thief watching you through your house window

This dream is a manifestation of your curiosity about sex and possibly voyeurism. If the thief ended up leaving it means you’re still hiding your sexual preferences. But if the thief saw you and attacked you, in your dream, it means that you recently had an encounter with a person to who you feel sexually attracted. 

A thief breaking in but not stealing anything

This dream is a sign you will predict some sort of a dangerous situation and avoid it without harm. Also, it could be a representation of a secret love affair, and your fear of losing it when other people find out about it. 

A thief breaking in through your door

This dream is a manifestation of your worries about something you must soon face. 

Dreaming about being a thief

Being a thief in your own dream means that you desire to find “the one”, hoping for a good social status and wealth. This dream is a reminder to keep on working hard to accomplish all your dreams, doing otherwise means that they only remain fantasies. This dream could sometimes also talk about unexpected luck and winnings. 

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Dreaming you’re a thief being chased by police

This dream could be a sign that your career could be “hanging on a thread” for some reason. 

Dream about someone you know being a thief

A dream like this represents your doubts about some people around you. You don’t trust them and feel like they have some hidden agendas.

Dream about beating a thief

This dream represents your self-confidence and militancy. You are effectively controlling every aspect of your life and you’re not afraid of any difficulties and obstacles you might encounter. 

To dream about catching a thief

This dream shows you that you have great control over things and is a good foretell that will deal with everyone who tries to jeopardize your interests. 

Catching a thief, but then losing him

This dream is a representation of your feeling that there is someone near you whose intentions are not pure and maybe trying to deceive you. 

Dreaming of a thief trying to kill you

A dream like this is a manifestation of your internal conflicts and a lack of self-confidence. You want to go out into the world and make a better life for yourself but you don’t trust that you’re strong enough and you fear failure. Think hard about your goals and if they seem unrealistic try setting some easier ones and then work your way up, step by step. These dreams usually occur when you’re tired, weak, or confused. This dream is a reminder to get your life in order as much as possible. 

Thief definition by Collins English Dictionary:

a person who steals something from another person.

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