Dreaming about a river – Dream interpretation

Dreams of river

Water is an interesting substance. It is prone to change and her consistency can say a lot about dreams about it. If you are swimming in a river or some other people are bathing in the river, have no cause for concern, as these kinds of dreams are interpreted as good news. Note that the calm river waters are a great sign. This promise a success in your business, joy, as well as the acquisition of new opportunities in various spheres of life.

But what about a muddy or dirty river? Or fast and even twisted currents? Dreams about rivers are interesting and ambiguous. They can be both good and bad signs. This dream dictionary will help you discover the hidden meanings behind your dream.

15 interpretations of dreams about river

Dream of a river

If you swim in a river, whose waters are muddy and restless, this implies a whole series of conflicts with the surrounding people await. The same dream can be an important warning that a person will make a serious mistake due to their own negligence. This will negatively affect your reputation, and it will change the attitude of colleagues and superiors towards you.

Seeing yourself at the bottom of the river

dreaming of being at the bottom of the river in the company of the dead, represents a series of obstacles in different spheres of life. A quarrel with some distant relatives will arise, but you will not be affected by this.

Dream of a mountain river

If you dreamed of a mountain river, Freud’s teachings suggest that this dream symbolizes the passions burning inside of a person. The dreamer often fantasizes about sexual things, dreams of deep intimacy, but cannot admit this to their partner. If you dreamed of a slow mountain river that looked more like a small stream, this means that a you are happy in a relationship you are committed to.

Dream about swimming in a river fully dressed

This dream has a positive meaning. Excellent health awaits the dreamers of this dream. If there is someone sick in the dreamer’s family, it is possible that they will finally recover. At least you subconscious wants it to happen.

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Dream of a clear river

The clear river surface in a dream suggests that the dreamer is completely satisfied with their personal life. They just go with the flow and have no intention of changing anything. This kind of a lifestyle can eventually bring a person to a standstill. It would be good to change things up every once in a while. The clear river can symbolize fertility, peace and success in the near future. On the other hand, a clear river can be a sign that it’s time to get moving, make some changes in your life.

Dream of swimming in the river

If in a dream you had to swim in a river, then in real life the time has come for a change. It’s time to start making changes in those areas that don’t allow you to be completely happy. If swimming seem to be calm, slow, the dreamer is experiencing serious boredom in reality. This monotonous life is beginning to torment you and you should try out a new sport or a hobby.

Dream of a muddy river

A very dirty, muddy river is usually a symbol of some new upcoming challenges in life. It can also be a warning that many obstacles will appear on the way to the goal.

If you are in a boat, sailing in muddy waters it is a sign you will receive the unexpected help of a new friend. Your new friend will have the connections needed for you to solve your problems.

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Dream of a frozen river

A frozen river is usually the symbol of a heart growing colder. The relationship between the dreamer and their soulmate will deteriorate quickly. You should work on solving the issues between you are your soulmate.

If you dreamed about being in the middle of the river, surrounded by ice blocks, in reality you are surrounded by enemies which you will have to fight alone. the long struggle can lead a person to serious depression, from which it can be difficult to get your self out of. You should focus on finding new friends who will support you.

Dream of a stormy river

Dreaming about a stormy river suggests that a difficult phase of life will soon begin. It will be stormy but exciting. Life will not let you to relax, not even for a minute. You will probably come across some awkward scandalous people through a mutual acquaintance. These people will try to hinder your success with their schemes and scandals. You should try to stay away from them and focus on yourself.

Dream of crossing a river over a bridge

If you had to cross a bridge which is over a river in your dream, you must first remember what the bridge looked like. The collapsed, abandoned bridge suggests that you are not happy with your life, but at the same time you are not trying to change anything. You will have to start acting on it or everything will stay the same. If in your dream the bridge was covered in fog and was barely visible, this reflects your mental and emotional state. It feels like no one notices you and you feel like you are not being yourself lately. You should focus on yourself. Try to find things you enjoy in life, this crucial to your well-being.

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Dream of a river overflowing

River flooding in a dream means that you have to raise your standards when it comes to relationships with other people. If the person you like has children, you need to think before jumping in to a temporary relationship. The temporary relationship might give them false hope of a lifetime commitment. You should not lead people on. If you truly love somebody you should be open about it.

Dream about crossing a river on foot

Crossing the river in a dream might indicate that you are in a difficult situation and that you feel lost. If you have crossed the river successfully, this means that you will overcome adversity and come out of your struggles much stronger. Just be patient because the troubles are only temporary.

Dream about sailing on a boat across the river

Rowing a boat on the river means that you are currently struggling with adverse and numerous problems. If you faced problems during your voyage, then it means that you will deal with some problems in your life as well. You will try to solve the problems which worry you.

Dream of a polluted river

Seeing a polluted river in a dream means that you will find yourself in a very awkward situation in the near future. Fortunately, it will quickly be resolved and will not leave any long-term consequences. The awkward situation will be related to a misunderstanding with somebody.

Dream about drowning in a river

Drowning in a river is a very bad sign. In the future, you could face some serious problems that could lead to big financial losses. You should think carefully about your future decisions in order to turn the situation to your advantage.

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