Interpretation of dream about a waterfall

To dream of a waterfall

The waterfall in your dream is a symbol of letting go of negative things. You may let go of your past, negativity, or something you like but still have to let go of because it is no good for you.

Seeing a waterfall in a dream, whether you are swimming near it or you are just watching it from a distance, means that you are the type of person who can easily cope with their duties, while maintaining a healthy social life. In a sense, this may mean that you are good at striking a balance between your work and your free time.

This also indicates that you can work hard and put a lot of effort into important tasks without being overburdened or feeling like you are sacrificing too much of your free time.

14 waterfall dream intepretations

Dreaming of a small waterfall

A small waterfall in a dream represents your short-term goals and desires. It also reflects short-term struggles, constant attempts and efforts to reach your goals. Let go of your minor failures so you can continue to improve yourself.

Dream of being inside a waterfall

Dreaming about being inside or under a waterfall often foretells an impending threat or unexpected danger. In most cases, the strength, size, and strength of the waterfall’s currents are directly related to the amount of trouble or danger you may soon find yourself in. Pay great attention to your every move and to the people around you.

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Dream of a huge waterfall

To dream of a huge waterfall, and to feel scared because of its size, predicts that you have a chance to make your wildest wish come true. However, the dream also predicts great changes in the period of success and failure. There will be ups and downs in your life. If you can accept the fact that on your road to success you will face many losses, you will eventually be able to secure success that is beyond your imagination.

Dreaming of the sound of a waterfall

Hearing the sound of a waterfall in a dream, without being able to see it or locate it, suggests that danger lurks around you.  You may be slowly approaching a serious situation that could have very negative consequences for you. However, you may be able to avoid most, if not all, problems, if you avoid unnecessary risks.

Dream of falling from a waterfall

To dream of falling from a waterfall, means that the accumulated emotions and negative feelings are flooding your life. By holding and accumulating negative feelings within yourself, you are doomed. Be prepared to let go of those negative thoughts and you may be able to bring some freshness into your life.

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Dream of climbing a waterfall

Climbing next to a waterfall in a dream means that you getting stronger in every sense. The dream predicts that a significant transformation will be beneficial for your progress, however, this step will require difficult decisions and a lot of work. Keep in mind that you will have to learn to stick up for yourself.

Dream of a waterfall with dirty water

The image of a waterfall with dirty, impure water falling over its edges is often interpreted in the dream world as a negative sign. This dream often foretells trouble and chaos. These troubles could cause a lot of difficulties in your everyday life. For example, you may ruin plans you have already started, or ruin your previous successes. If these difficulties are not resolved on time or are not cleaned up quickly, the consequences can be absolutely devastating. However, if you do devote to solving your problems, you can expect fruitful results.

Dream of swimming next to a waterfall

Swimming close to the waterfall indicates that you will undertake projects or business opportunities that others have rejected. You will use these opportunities wisely which may cause jealousy from those who rejected them. If you swim with waves and the current, it is a good sign you will benefit greatly from it.

However, if you swim against the current, it suggests that you will have a lot of challenges ahead of you in order to pick the fruits of your labor. However, be careful, because the intensity of the waterfall can be overwhelming, so pay attention to your limits.

To dream that you have seen a waterfall as a tourist

To dream that you have only seen and visited a waterfall without swimming, represents your goals and desires. This dream tells you that you should not use an aggressive approach to achieve your goals.

Dream about jumping off a waterfall

To dream of jumping off a cliff of a waterfall, predicts that you will surrender and give up the fight against challenges in your life. You might decide to abandon a difficult task.

Dream of a frozen waterfall

To see a frozen waterfall in your dreams means that you are focused on a dark part of your past. You cannot forget the disappointments or losses you have recently experienced. You may find ways to get rid of pain with the support of your family and friends.

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Dream about standing on top of a waterfall

Standing on a cliff of a waterfall and looking over the edge while the water flows below is a pretty positive dream symbol. The dream often reveals the dreamer’s innate ability to manage the problems that arise in his or her life. You tend to avoid conflicts and overcome obstacles that appear in your life.

Dream of admiring a waterfall

Admiring the sight of a beautiful waterfall and the nature surrounding it is often related to the inner need to be curious, as well as the ability to appreciate the splendor of nature. This feeling of amazement and awe at new and exciting ideas can give you a needed advantage in solving the problems presented to you, especially because of your desire and commitment to learn more.

Dream of being at the bottom of a waterfall

To dream that you are at the bottom of a waterfall indicates that you feel overwhelmed. You have difficulty coping with your feelings. You continue to pay attention to things that make you feel exhausted every day. You need to focus on positive things in your life and meditation can help you with that. All in all, seeing a waterfall in your dream represents hope for a better future even if you are struggling now.

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