Prison in dreams – meaning and interpretation

Dreaming about prison

Dreams about prison usually refer to a feeling of being censored, punished, or trapped by some aspect or part of your life. If you or someone very close to you have at some point been to prison, it’s possible you’re only drawing from experience and might not have such a deep meaning. 

11 meanings of dreams about prison

Dreaming about a prison

If you saw a prison, in your dream, it’s possible your subconscious mind is giving you a warning. This dream means you should be extra careful over the next few weeks, especially if you’re about to make some risky decisions at your job. Before making any moves, try to find out all you can about your new business partners and their companies. 

A dream about being in a prison

This dream usually points to a sense of self-punishment or a sense of guilt. It’s possible you recently don’t something dishonorable, and even though other people don’t hold it against you, your conscience is killing you. Dreams about prison usually don’t have anything to did with some criminal activity, most often they refer to some emotions you’re suppressing. They could also point to some pressure you’re feeling or maybe it’s just the routine of your everyday life that has finally caught up to you. You’re feeling like a prisoner in your own body, and this sign is a message to do something to help yourself. 

Dreaming about a prison cell

Dreams about a prison cell could represent pressure and stress you’re having because of your superiors, maybe your boss, or your parents. This dream could mean you’re feeling trapped in a situation, and you don’t see a way out. It’s possible someone set some boundaries you’re not comfortable with. 

Walking inside the prison

This dream indicates that your creativity or your ideas are being limited or restrained due to your surroundings. Your surrounding doesn’t allow you to express yourself fully, and it might be a good time to change them. 

Someone you know being in prison

Dreaming about someone close to you being in prison could mean you’re unable to forgive a person who has done something to you. It could also mean you’re having some set back in your romantic life.

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Dreaming about visiting a prisoner

This dream could mean you’re ready to forgive someone who’s done or said something insulting to you, but only if that person is ready to apologize for their actions. Sometimes this dream could also represent your feeling of guilt about something you’ve done to other people.

Dream about leaving a prison

Dreams were you or someone else leaving prison means that some big changes are about to occur. You will overcome some obstacles that have been troubling you for a very long time, and you’ll be able to continue with your life. 

Dreaming about a prison fight

If you dreamt about a prison fight it might refer to the fact that there is some internal struggle going on within you. You could be planning on doing something you know is not right, but you’re not giving up on those plans. This dream could also represent not having any other options other than playing “dirty”. 

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Escaping a prison

This dream represents your desire to “escape” some situation that is troubling you for a very long time. If in your dreams, you were running from guards and dogs it could mean you’re refusing to take responsibility for your actions. A dream where you’re helping someone escape could be a sign you’re ignoring your moral beliefs. 

Dreaming about a prison guard

A dream about a prison guard is a symbol of a person who knows your deepest and darkest secrets. It’s possible that you don’t trust that person and think they are going to betray you sometime in the future. This dream could be a bad omen, that the said person is about to reveal your secrets to the world. 

Being in solitary confinement

If you dream about yourself being in confinement, without any contact with the outside world, it could mean that you’re feeling lonely and abandoned. 

Definition of prison according to Cambridge Dictionary:

a building where criminals are forced to live as a punishment.

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