Dreaming about sheep – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming about sheep

Dreaming about sheep usually means dreaming about conformity and obedience. Such dreams could infer your lack of initiative to walk your own path, and you comfortably try to blend in with other people in order to feel accepted. Another possibility is that your dreams have something to do with a lamb’s innocence and the vulnerability you’re feeling. Sheep in dreams can represent “weak” people, could be a representation of you or people around you. 

15 interpretations of sheep in your dreams 

A sheep and a lamb

Dreaming about a sheep with her lamb is usually a good sign and speaks about your caring nature, You’re most likely a caring person who enjoys helping others with their problems. 

Dreaming of a lamb

This is a sign of your innocence and a representation of your inner self. Because of your mild nature, others will be inclined to help you in every way they can. 

Dreaming about a herd of sheep

A herd of sheep in your dreams refers to your desire to fit into society, and relieve pressure. You would rather behave like everyone else instead of openly expressing your opinion. Keep in mind that this way you’re slowly giving away control of your own life. 

To dream of lost sheep

Dreaming of lost sheep points to some difficulties over the next couple of days. If you encounter any problems it would be wise to consult elders who already went through similar situations. 

Dreaming of you losing a sheep

If you dreamt about losing a sheep it’s a bad omen. It points to someone who’s about to spoil some of your plans. It’s probably someone you already know so you should be extra careful. 

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A ram with sheep

Rams are known to be aggressive animals, so any dream with rams is a pretty hot-tempered one. If you dreamt about a ram attacking you that could mean you have a lot of enemies that want to hurt you. Also, a ram is a symbol of stubbornness, so it’s possible it represents a person in your vicinity 

Buying or selling sheep

This is usually a good omen, it could indicate you’re about to be instated in a position of power over some group or organization. Might even mean your social status is about to improve, as well as your influence. 

Dream about a dead sheep

A dream like this could mean that you’re in some sort of danger, or that someone is about to find out some secret you were keeping from the world. You’re constantly worried about what people think of you so you always choose the “safe” way, even though you sometimes don’t agree that’s the right way. Now someone is about to “out” you. 

Dreaming of a black sheep

Being a black sheep is a pretty know symbol and clear to everyone. It’s a sign of not fitting in. You or someone close to you simply don’t belong in a group you’re currently into. 

Dream about an aggressive sheep

If you dreamt about an aggressive and hostile sheep this could be a foresign of upcoming trouble. Someone in your life does not have good intentions towards you and is looking to take advantage of you. 

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Being bitten by a sheep

Dreams like this might be telling you that your shepherd (boss) is trying to force you to adjust and follow his orders, even though you personally think that his orders make no sense whatsoever. 

Watching sheep as a shepherd

If you had such a dream it points to your wish to protect those who are weaker than you, be a protector of sorts. This dream is telling you that you’re a caring person always willing to fight for others. 

Chasing sheep

This dream might be a sign of an upcoming conflict with your friends. You will try to persuade them that you are right, but they will simply not believe you. It’s possible that your friends will avoid you for some time after the conflict. 

Dream of a sheep lying

Such a dream tells you you’re a follower and not a leader. You’re probably having problems with meeting someone’s expectations and you’re always picking the easiest way to finish a job. 

Dreaming of a white sheep

This is a symbol of a devoted and loyal friend, someone on whom you can always rely to. 

Sheep definition according to Collins English Dictionary:

farm animal which is covered with thick curly hair called wool.

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