Dreaming about a tattoo – dream meaning

Dreaming about a tattoo

Tattoos represent durability, creativity, and a way of expressing yourself through art. If you had dreams about tattoos on your body it could represent your sense of individuality and an attempt to try and stand out in some way. In order to properly interpret the dream, you should analyze what kind of a tattoo it was, where on your body was, what color was it, etc. 

14 interpretations of dreams about tattoos 

Dreaming about a tattoo on your body

By combining the type of the tattoo with the place it was on your body, you should be able to figure out what it meant. For example, if you tattooed wings on your shoulders it might be a sign you’re ready to “fly” away and release yourself from some burden that’s weighing you down. 

Dreaming about getting a tattoo

Think very hard where on your body was the tattoo. This dream could refer to your recently acquired sense of power and an expression of your individuality. 

Dreaming about removing a tattoo

This dream could point to a possible sense of regret you have because of something. Maybe you wish you had the power to turn back time and undo something you’ve done or said in the past. 

Dreaming about how you tattoo a loved one

These kinds of dreams most often indicate you’re trying to get back together with someone you were already in a relationship with. Try and remember what the tattoo looked like, it might help you with getting back together with an ex-partner. 

Dreaming about a bad tattoo

If you had a dream where you had a bad tattoo somewhere on your body, it might indicate a sense of regret for something you’ve done or said in the past. It’s possible that you’ve made a bad decision a long time ago and now it’s returned to haunt you. 

Dreaming about your body being covered in tattoos

This dream indicates a complete transformation. Maybe it’s happening to you right now, or maybe it will happen in your immediate future. 

Regret about getting a tattoo

If in a dream you were having regrets about getting a tattoo it could mean that you’re also having regrets about some things you’ve said or done in the past. You are not the same person you were when you said/did those things. You’ve matured and grown. It’s also possible you are done with a certain chapter in your life, a chapter you didn’t like and thought it was taking too long anyway.  

Dreaming about a butterfly tattoo – A butterfly tattoo points to some kind of a personal transformation or causes and consequences of some events. 

Dreaming about an unfinished tattoo – An unfinished tattoo is a symbol of some unfinished business you have. 

Dreaming about a faded tattoo – This dream most likely points to some future financial problems. 

Dreaming about a tattoo on your hands or wrists – This dream might represent which methods you use to express yourself. 

Dreaming about a chest tattoo – This dream is a symbol of your feelings weighing you down. 

Dreaming about a leg tattoo – These dreams represent your beliefs and stances you’re standing by. 

Dreaming about a leg tattoo – These dreams represent your beliefs and stances you’re standing by.

A dream about a tattoo can also represent your impulsive nature. Most people get their first tattoo as a sign of rebellion against someone or something. This dream could also be a warning to think twice before doing something that impulsive. Think hard about the decisions you’re making right now because your future might depend on it. 

Tattoo definition according to Merriam-Webster:

a mark, figure, design, or word intentionally fixed or placed on the skin.

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