To dream about being sick – dream meaning

Dream about being ill

Dreams about a sickness can mean that you have suppressed feelings of pain, anger, or resistance that you have to face. These may be feeling that you had felt in an earlier period of life, but now you need to understand them and get rid of them. Sickness in your dreams can also reflect some conflicts that are taking place inside of you, difficulties, or some ugly memories. Maybe your dream indicates that you can’t find the strength to overcome difficulties.

Sometimes dreams of sickness appear as a warning that your health is endangered and that you are too exhausted. After this dream, it would be wise to go to the doctor for a checkup. Research has shown that men with serious illnesses often dream of death, while women dream of breakups and separation from their partners. It is important that you listen to the messages of your subconscious mind that appear in your dreams. Also, it is important to reconsider whether you have a feeling of shame or guilt that oppresses you and that can cause sickness, as well as to try to come to terms with it.

Sometimes such a dream can reflect your feeling that someone else is ill. Sometimes the dream of being sick can also mean your need for protection and fear of death. Very often, such a dream means a feeling of guilt and insecurity.

15 Interpretations of dreams about an illness

Dream about being ill

If you were sick in a dream, such a dream can be a reminder of your subconscious mind that you would have to take care of yourself and your health, especially the parts of the body that were sick in your dream. It is possible that you have been too exhausted lately, and this dream is a message that you should rest and dedicate to yourself. This kind of dream may indicate that you may experience some business fraud, but it can also mean business success.

A dream in which you were sick can also mean despair, emotional breakdowns, and unpleasant changes. Sickness can also be a symbol of your inability to cope with a certain situation, and you experience sickness as an easy way out of that situation.

To dream that you have a sick heart

If you have dreamed of having heart health problems, such a dream can point to some love problems that you may be going through right now.

Dream about a stomach ache

A dream in which you have had stomach problems may indicate that you are about to make a very important decision that could affect the rest of your life and should think very carefully about it and only then make decisions.

A dream about sick or hurting eyes

If you have dreamed that you have health problems with your eyes, such a dream may indicate to you that maybe you should look at a situation from a different angle. It is possible that you’re not seeing something clearly enough.

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To dream of having a headache

If you have dreamt about having a headache, then such a dream could be a foretelling of very prosperous times ahead of you.

A dream of you being seasick

If you have had seasickness in your sleep, such a dream may indicate that there are some feelings and emotions inside of you that are preventing you from moving on and dragging you to the bottom. This dream is a message that you should get rid of those emotions and turn to the future and new situations and people. 

Dream about a contagious sickness

A dream where you or someone else is sick with a contagious disease could be a warning to be careful with your friends, because some of them may not be your real friends. Maybe they are trying to use you for their personal gain. 

Dream of an incurable sickness

If you have had a dream like this, it may indicate that you are living from a day at a time, that you do not value life too much, and do not try to make the most of your days. This kind of dream can also indicate hopelessness, sadness, self-pity that you are currently experiencing.

Dreaming of recovering from a sickness

Dreaming about recovering from an illness or sickness should be viewed as a warning to take more care of your health, and not to put yourself in situations where you might get sick. 

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Dream that someone close to you is sick

A dream where someone close to you was very sick might represent your fear of losing that person in your waking life. Not due to some illness, but you’re afraid that you will end your relationship with them. 

To dream that one of your friends is sick

If you dreamed that your friend was sick then such a dream may indicate that you will have some temporary problems in your relationship, but after a while, you’ll both realize that you don’t want to end your friendship. 

Dream that some of your relatives are sick

If you have had a dream like this, it is probably a good sign that the danger is moving away from you. Most likely you were involved in something dangerous that had the potential to ruin your life, but now the situation has resolved itself.

Dream about visiting someone sick

If you have visited a sick person in a dream, such a dream can mean that some of your wishes will come true. Maybe there is something you’ve wished for a very long time, and now it’s about to present itself. 

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Dreaming about sick people

A dream in which you saw sick people could represent your inner sadness and the generally bad mood you’re in.

To dream a dream that is related to a sickness

If you dreamed a dream in which someone was sick or the sickness somehow crept through the dream, such a dream may be a sign that there will soon be a period of some unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances, and you will struggle to get out of them. A dream in which you saw an illness can also be a warning to beware of some temptations. Such dreams can indicate some inconveniences and obstacles or warn you of dangers or obstacles, as well as to be careful and take care of your health.

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