Meaning of dreams about a ball

Dreaming of balls

The interpretation of dreams in which a ball appears can differ depending on the context in which the dream took place, as well as the details that accompanied it. Children dream of a ball much more often than adults, and research has shown that boys experience such dreams more often than girls. Our dream dictionary offers you the symbolism and meaning of dreams about a ball and of different activities related to it.

15 interpretations of dreams about a ball

To dream of seeing a ball

If you see a ball in a dream, it indicates that you will enjoy some positive experience and that you will do your best to make it unforgettable. You will appreciate the fact that your friends will join your adventure.

Dreaming of playing with a ball

The dream of playing with a ball means an argument. You probably think that someone is deceiving you, so you will do everything in your power to find out the truth. You don’t like to be underestimated and considered less intelligent by others. As soon as you notice that someone is abusing your patience and kindness, you are ready to stand up for yourself.

To dream of children playing with a ball

The dream of children playing with a ball symbolizes joy and happiness. In front of you is a quiet period full of blissful moments. You will spend time with those you love, and the amount of stress you feel now will be reduced. You will finally be able to relax and enjoy the moments with people dear to you.

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Dream that you punctured the ball with a sharp object

If you dreamed that you accidentally punctured the ball, it symbolizes smaller expenses. Your home appliance will probably break down, but it won’t cost much to repair. Alternatively, you will be invited to a wedding, baptism or other celebration, and you will need to provide a gift. If you dreamed that you punctured the ball on purpose, then that is a sign that the behavior of the people around you irritates or frustrates you. You may not have an understanding for your partner, which has a negative effect on your communication.

Dream that someone punctured your ball

When you dream that someone accidentally punctured your ball, it implies that you will correct someone else’s mistake. It is likely that a co-worker will ask you to help him or her to solve a problem, so you will have to work hard to do the job properly. A dream in which someone intentionally pierces your ball indicates that you have a person in the immediate vicinity who is holding you back. You will need to make it clear to them that you are an adult and that you can take responsibility for your own actions.

Dream of a deflated ball

When you see a deflated ball in a dream, it implies that your childhood ended too early. It is possible that serious things happened to you that forced you to grow up and replace toys with tools. Despite that, your dreams have remained the same, so you still long for the security and carefreeness that was forcibly taken away from you.

Dream about catching a ball

If you have successfully caught a ball thrown by someone in a dream, it is possible that you will recognize the intentions of the enemy or rival and manage to prevent him or her from achieving them. If you dreamed that you failed to catch the ball that someone threw at you, it symbolizes fewer obstacles on your path to achieving your goal.

Dream about throwing a ball

Throwing the ball in your dreams indicates that you are currently full of confidence and energy and that you are ready to face the great challenges that lie ahead. Just be brave and you will achieve what you want.

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To dream of kicking a ball

Kicking the ball with your foot in your dream means that you will successfully defend yourself from other people’s attacks. It is possible that someone will criticize your ideas or actions, but you will be able to convince them that you are right. You will realize that many people think about short-term consequences and do not look at what the future might bring.

Dream that the ball hit you

If you dreamed that the ball hit you, it implies that you are afraid of failure. You think your idea will fail, even before you embark on its realization. Work on your confidence and courage and do not hesitate when you need to step out of your comfort zone. Only in this way can you hope for greater success in life.

Dream of buying a ball

Buying a ball in your dream symbolizes joy. It is possible that you will enjoy the company of those you love. Someone will invite you to socialize, party, dinner or some celebration. You will be really happy to be surrounded by dear people and that will help you recharge your batteries for the challenges ahead.

Dream about selling a ball

Selling a ball in dreams usually indicates misunderstandings with younger family members. There is probably a generation gap between you, and neither side is trying to understand the other. When you start paying attention to what he or she loves, wants, and asks for, maybe your communication will improve.

Dream about getting a ball as a gift

Getting a ball as a gift means you’ll get something you don’t need. It is possible that someone will give you some gadget that you will not know what to do with. You will not find it useful so you will pass it on to someone else as soon as you get the chance.

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To dream of gifting someone a ball

Giving someone a ball in a dream indicates that you will have to cooperate with someone you do not know. It will take you a while to understand how that person works, and you will be very careful for the first few days. When you realize that you are actually on the same page, the job will be much easier and simpler.

Dream that you stole the ball

Stealing a ball from someone or from a shop symbolizes childish behavior. You will have to take responsibility for your actions and start fulfilling your obligations on time.

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