Dreaming about a balloon

Dreaming about a balloon

Dreams about balloons usually represent our short-term hopes and expectations, as well as disappointments. To interpret this dream correctly, it would be best to remember as many of its details as you can.

11 interpretations of dreams about a balloon

Dreaming about balloons flying away

Dreaming about a bunch of balloons just flying away might represent a sense of hope regarding your future. You may be too optimistic and feel there are endless possibilities in front of you sometimes even to the point where you’re losing contact with reality.

Dreaming about a helium balloon

This dream is telling you that you’re satisfied with your life and everything in it. You don’t have any serious problems and you’re just enjoying the ride. Not even the negativity of other people can affect your mood.

Dream about releasing balloons into the air

Releasing a bunch of balloons into the air is a representation of you “releasing” your frustrations and letting go of the burden that’s holding you down. There is something troubling you and you’re willing to do anything you can in order to resolve it. Try to “rise” above your problems and you’ll realize that everyday small problems don’t determine your fate.

Dreaming about a bundle of balloons

If you were holding, in your dream, a bundle of balloon’s it might represent big hopes and dreams for yourself and others as well. This dream might also represent feeling responsible for someone. Sometimes you are giving promises that you can’t always keep, so be careful not to disappoint the person you’re responsible for.

To dream about a balloon popping

Dreaming about a popping balloon might represent some unfulfilled wishes or tasks. It’s possible that, in a short amount of time, you took on too many tasks, and now you can’t honor the deadline and it is breaking you both mentally and physically. It would probably be for the best if you only took on tasks, that you are 100% sure, you can do on time, otherwise, you will be very disappointed in yourself. Also, other people might see you not completing your tasks on time or making false promises and they can choose to avoid you or ignore you completely.

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To dream about a water balloon

Water balloon in your dream might represent some emotional “outbursts”. Maybe you’re inappropriately expressing your frustrations and getting angry at people who didn’t deserve it. Be careful of your outburst because they can lead you to uncomfortable or possibly dangerous situations.

To dream about playing with balloons

This dream is a message from your unconscious mind to sometimes release your inner child and try to enjoy in small pleasures life has to offer.

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To dream about a red balloon

Red balloons, in your dreams, represent your dreams or wishes that are based solely on your impulses.

To dream about a blue balloon

Blue balloons are usually a fore sign that you’re about to receive some bad and disappointing news.

To dream about a black balloon

Black balloons often represent depression and hopelessness.

To dream about a pink balloon

Pink balloons represent your quest for love. It’s possible that soon you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Definition of a balloon according to Cambridge Dictionary:

A small, very thin rubber bag that you blow air into or fill with a light gas until it is round in shape, used for decoration at parties or as a children’s toy

Several pictures of balloons..

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