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Dreams of basketball

To get to the notion of what it means to dream of basketball, we must first clarify the notion of what a basketball game is and how it is played. A basketball game is a game played between two teams, each consisting of five players. The game is played on a rectangular court located inside the stadium. Some, mainly amateur, basketball games are played outside.

The main goal of the game is to put the basketball through the hoop and a net called a basket, which is where the name basketball comes from. We need to take into consideration that this game is a team game so these dreams can carry a meaning of unity and togetherness. The dreams about basketball can also represent our competitive nature since basketball is a score-based game.

Dreams of basketball have different meanings based on the action you dreamed of performing. It means that the dream of dribbling is not the same as if you were the one catching the ball or throwing the ball etc. The ball in these dreams is also very important as it is always in the center of every sport’s attention and represents our willingness to compete and fight. Our dream dictionary offers you the meaning of the most common dreams about basketball.

6 interpretation of dreams about basketball

The dream of a basketball (ball)

If you dreamed about a basketball, it means that you are facing a complicated problem and life is not easy for you at the moment. You are in a complicated situation because you were too hesitant to make a decision about something. You did not know who to lean on nor which side to choose. Now you feel lost and hopeless. In order to achieve your goals, you must choose a path and be consistent.

The way you treat the ball shows if you are a fighter in real life or if you just “go with the flow”. Neither of these personality traits are considered bad or negative unless they are applied excessively. You should try to find a balance when it comes to your behavior.

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The concept of a ball, in general, is closely related to your character, and what you did with the ball in your dream is a reflection of changes in your character. If played with a ball in your dream, it reflects your success in a certain field. Whether the dream meaning is positive or negative depends on how you dreamed of the ball or what you did with it. Our dream dictionary offers you the meaning of the most common dreams about basketball.

To dream of playing basketball

If you dreamed of playing basketball, it represents a challenging and interesting time at work. You set a big goal a long time ago and now it is the right time to achieve it. If you are playing basketball as a part of the team in your dreams, it reflects your social life. You are probably a social butterfly, you mingle among the crowd and love meeting new people. This dream suggests that you will meet someone very special with a help of your friends.

Dream that you can’t shoot the ball through the hoop

If you can’t score a point by getting the ball through the hoop, it means that you are constantly missing great opportunities in life. Dreaming of missing the hoop suggests that you have an important project at work that you are putting off for later. If you keep missing the hoop for a longer period of time it hints at insecurities you need to work on.

You should not be afraid, because changes are good and useful for everyone, even though they may seem scary at the beginning. If the ball you are playing with is a characteristic orange color, it means that you will overcome all obstacles and that you gain financial leverage over your competition.

Dream of a basketball game

Dream of a basketball game can mean that you are struggling to prove that you are right and that you are capable of greatness. You deserve more respect and recognition than you have been given. You feel the urge to prove that you are right and that someone else is not, and you achieve that by showing your superior ideas, skills, and resources that others do not possess. You want to prove to everyone that you are smarter than they expect you to be.

A dream about a basketball game can also be related to your private and business life. It refers to parts of your life in which you want to exceed people’s expectations but also your own. If the enemy team is leading during a basketball game, then that represents that you are upset that your colleagues are doing better than you. Perhaps your colleague received praise from your boss and that made you upset and dissatisfied with yourself.

Dream of the net and the hoop

The net on the hoop represents your unachieved goals and desires. If you dreamed of hitting the hoop but not scoring, it means that you are using all your resources to achieve your goal.

If there is no one who will support your ideas, you still need to keep doing everything in your power to succeed. If a business idea does not work, then you should try to come up with something better. You will experiment with ideas until you succeed. If you lost a one-on-one basketball game, that means that you will fail to convince business partners that your ideas are worth the wait. It can also mean that you do not have the resources needed to see your ideas to the end.

Dream of playing basketball if you are a woman

You must decide who are the friends you can count on when things get rough. With time, you will get used to learning from your mistakes and you will know how to overcome your fears and failures. You will be successful outside of your comfort zone and that will be the reason for your progress.

To dream of playing basketball with your boyfriend and being a better player than him means that your boyfriend or love interest cannot prove that he is valuable enough to be in a relationship with you.

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