Clouds – Dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming of a cloud

Clouds are a moderately common dream. The meaning of clouds in a dream usually depends on the color of the clouds. Clouds usually predict either disagreements with other people or inner peace. This free dream dictionary will provide you with explanations of dream symbolism and 14 interpretations of dreams about clouds.

14 interpretations of dreams about clouds

Dream about black stormy clouds

If you see big black clouds in a dream and you feel like the storm is coming, it implies that you will quarrel. It is possible that you will be in bad relations with people around you because you will not accept suggestions and well-intentioned advice. You will be convinced that no one wishes you well. You will want to distance yourself from your friends and family and enjoy some peace.

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Dreaming of small white clouds

If you see small white clouds in a dream, it symbolizes peace of mind. You are focused on the beautiful things that are happening in your life. Also, you are aware that there are problems that you must not sweep under the rug and you must face them.

Dream about big white clouds

You can be a dreamer. You can be naive. You like helping others without asking for anything in return. These are the qualities that make you different from others. This dream is a symbol of a long and happy life.

Dream of being above the clouds

When you are above the clouds on a mountain or looking at the clouds from above in your dream, it represents uncertainty. You may be going on a trip or waiting for a loved one to have an important conversation with them which will decide your future. You will not know what to expect, the thoughts in your head will change abruptly and it will lead to confusion. Find a way to calm your thoughts and you will feel better.

Dream of flying through the clouds

You have romantic moments waiting ahead of you. The alternative meaning is that there is a possibility of traveling to a pleasant place.

Dream of the sun’s rays between the clouds

Seeing the sun’s rays through the clouds means that your problems are coming to an end. You have been going through a very stressful phase of your life lately. There are many dilemmas you face and challenges you have to overcome. It is not easy for you, but the good news is that this stressful phase of your life will soon end thanks to your patience and perseverance.

To dream that clouds have covered the moon

If you dreamed that the clouds almost completely covered the moon, it implies that you want to change. You need to get rid of personal issues that negatively affect your quality of life. You are still hesitant about some important decisions, but you are on the verge of change. Don’t give up because you are afraid. The future will be as beautiful as you make it.

Dream about touching a cloud

If you managed to touch a cloud in a dream, it means that you are an idealist. You firmly believe in some things and nothing can make you change your mind. You often turn out to be funny and naive in the company of others, but other people’s opinions mean nothing to you. You are ready to lose everything you love in life because of some ideals. However, be careful and ask yourself once again if it is all worth losing the people you care about.

Dream about walking on clouds

Walking on clouds in a dream indicates that you are in love. After many years, you have probably met a person who suits you in every way possible. You are no longer able to see their flaws and you are completely focused on the virtues you like. Such dreams are often dreamed by younger people who encounter such strong emotions for the first time.

To dream that others are walking on clouds

A dream in which you see someone walking on clouds is a sign that you have a secret admirer. Namely, there is a person in your environment who likes you but is afraid to admit it to you. The reason may be that you already have an emotional partner or that you act uninterested. You should pay attention as you will surely notice who the mystery person is. It is up to you to decide if and what you will do about it.

To dream of jumping on clouds

Dreaming about jumping on clouds carries the meaning that it is time to stop ignoring your goals, just because you are afraid that you won’t be able to achieve them or that others will react badly to them. You have many talents; you just haven’t discovered them yet because you are afraid. If you started listening to yourself and realizing what you think is achievable, you would be much more successful, and thus more satisfied with yourself.

To dream of others jumping on clouds

To dream of someone jumping on clouds is a sign that you should support a close person in his or her plans. Their idea may seem unfeasible to you, but even if you feel that way, don’t try to dissuade them from realizing it. Consider that there is a real possibility that you are not right and that they are.

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Dream of lying on a cloud

When you dream of lying alone on a cloud, it implies that you need peace. A lot has happened to you lately and you didn’t have time to process it. Numerous problems and obligations do not allow you to be alone and think about everything that is happening to you. Take a break and rest because the world will not end if you dedicate a few days to yourself.

If you dreamed of lying on the cloud in the company of a loved one, it means that you are not sure if your relationship has a bright future. You often think about whether you made a good choice. This is perfectly normal and every person sometimes goes through such uncertainties. However, the main question you need to ask yourself is whether you are happy. If the answer is yes, it will solve many dilemmas.

To dream of others lying on a cloud

To dream that someone is lying on a cloud means that you will envy another person in the career they have had or the relationship they have with their partner or family members. You will realize that they have everything you dream of, and instead of that serving as an example that the dreams do come true, you will be poisoned by negative emotions. It is time for you to do something good for yourself and your future, and to achieve what you consider your ultimate goal.

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