To dream of ice

Dream of ice

Dreams about ice usually represent some stagnation in your life. Maybe you have run out of ideas about what should you do next in your life. You also have a feeling that everything you start working on is blocked from the start. Find the most common dream interpretations about ice in our free dream dictionary.

24 intepretations of dreams about ice

Dreaming about seeing ice

Ice is a symbol of anxiety, confusion, and stress that come from your fear of being rejected. Seeing ice might indicate that you will break under pressure very easily and start making beginner mistakes, luckily none of those mistakes will be serious and everything will work out.

Dream about ice melting

Ice melting in your dreams is an indication that you will attend an event where you will meet a lot of new friends, some of them for life.

Seeing ice in your house

A dream where you saw ice in your house might indicate some problems with a person in your household. You’re having difficulties in resolving your differences with that person, and it’s possible that these problems will last for a while.

Dream about ice rain

This dream is a representation of problems and worries that are troubling you, and will probably trouble you for a very long time. Try to take some time off and rest; only clear-minded will you be able to solve your problems.

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Dream about an icy road

Dream, where you saw ice on the road, is a clear sign of danger and even the smallest mistake could be fatal. 

Dream of a car drifting on ice

This dream is a warning that you’re about to get involved in something dangerous you should be avoiding. You’re feeling self-confident and think you can do anything, but that can lead you to a very dangerous situation and it would be best if you slow don’t and think twice before doing something you can regret for the rest of your life.

Dream of ice crystals

If you had a dream where ice was turning into crystals it might indicate that certain things in your life are “cooling off”. You are losing interest and motivation to do something you’ve been thinking about for a very long time. If you’re currently about to invest in something this dream might indicate that now is not the right time. 

Dream about ice cubes

Dreaming about ice cubes in your drink represents refreshment. This dream indicates that it’s time to make some take for relaxation. 

Dreaming of an ice pick

This dream refers to your “cold” and suppressed feelings. However, it’s possible that some unexpected romance is going to break your “ice” façade.

Dream about an ice sculpture

An ice sculpture might represent some situation that froze your life for a while. You’re not making any progress on any front and it’s bothering you. No matter how bad the situation is don’t give up, this bad period will pass and you will continue with your life. 

Dreaming about an iceberg

Dreaming about an iceberg is a warning that there is something huge hiding under the surface; maybe it’s a situation you can’t see clearly because you don’t have all the information. Be very careful because the “hidden” knowledge could cause you some serious problems in the future. 

Dream about ice skating

Skating on ice is a message that you should feel confident when difficult times come. You should trust your instincts but at the same time be very careful. Otherwise, if you just stand in place, you will probably slip and fall. 

Dream about a skating ring

This dream is a message to be friendly to people in your surroundings. These are people you meet every day and it’s best if you have good relations with them. 

Dreaming of thin ice

Walking or running on thin ice might represent you getting involved in something risky and dangerous. Be very careful when you try to “escape” otherwise you will fall through and have an uncomfortable experience. 

Dream about a mountain covered in ice

This dream is a message you’re not using your full potential. This metaphorical ice is covering you wholly; try looking under the surface and you will be surprised what you find.

Dreams of frozen sea or lake

Seeing a frozen sea or a lake in your dreams might indicate some romantic problems, it’s possible that your relationship is slowly going cold. 

Dream about the frozen ground

This dream is a warning that someone very “cold” is about to enter your life or maybe already has. 

Dreaming about fire and ice

Seeing fire and ice in your dream is a warning that you will face a lot of obstacles in your life very soon. You will have a lot of ups and downs in your personal life and in your career. The most important thing is to take care of your health, only by doing that will you be able to face all other problems. 

Dream of making ice

Making ice is a symbol of you hiding your emotions and distancing yourself from others. It’s possible you’re tired of people in your surroundings and you show anyone your true feelings and intentions.

Dream about breaking the ice

This dream is a representation of your fears and insecurities. 

Dream about buying ice

A dream where you were buying ice is telling you that soon you will have an opportunity to brag about your successes and accomplishments. However, others will not react positively to your bragging and might distance themselves from you.

Dream of eating ice

Eating ice is a message that you’re hiding your feeling for too long now. It would be best to share your feeling with someone before they become too much to handle and explode. 

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Dreaming about dry ice

This dream indicates that your friends and family are constantly giving you promises that they never fulfill. 

Dreaming of black ice

Black or dirty ice represents that something in your life isn’t as it seems. Might be a colleague who’s pretending to be your friend but he’s actually hiding something, or it could be too good to be a true business offer you might regret in the future. 

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