Dreams about Alligators – meaning and explanation

To dream about an alligator

Seeing a wild alligator in a dream foretells a new beginning or changes in your waking life. This dream can also hint at danger of some sort. The alligator from your dream can highlight your intuition, spiritual insights, and spiritual steps which you need to take in the future. They look scary, especially with their sharp teeth. American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) can be a little intimidating no matter how they appear in a dream. They are powerful and graceful dream symbol.

If an alligator chased you in your dream, it may suggest your fears. Such dreams are accompanied by feelings of fear, anxiety and excitement. If we have recently seen or been in contact with an alligator either live or on television, then such dreams are simply a reflection of your waking life. If you dreamed of a crocodile, then take a look at our dream dictionary to find out what it means to dream of a crocodile.

10 interpretations of dreams about an alligator

To dream of seeing an alligator

When you see an alligator in a dream, it warns you to beware of the enemy. Someone from your close environment pretends to be your friend and wishes you harm. It is possible that you had a close friend from whom you eventually distanced yourself. You went your separate ways, but an unexpected encounter will make you want to renew your friendship. You will be very excited because this is a person who was dear to you. However, in time you will realize that this person has changed and you will not like it. You will find out that they are not honest with you and that they tried to harm you in some way. Other people will warn you to stay away from them, but you will only later realize that they were right.

To dream of running away from an alligator

If you dreamed of running away from an alligator, it is a sign that you are in a hopeless situation or at least you feel like you are. You put a lot of effort into something you will not benefit from. On the contrary, it will only harm you. It can be a job, a relationship or a friendship. You are subconsciously burdened by what is reflected in your dreams. You will be in wonder whether to give up the fight or not, but you will eventually give up when you look at things more realistically.

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To dream of killing an alligator

When you dream of killing an alligator, it symbolizes the fact that you will successfully overcome all obstacles. Even though you had problems with other people, you were often your own worst enemy. You are still learning how to fight your own demons. In the coming period, your struggle will bear fruit and you will easily overcome the fears that have kept you from living the way you wanted for a long time.

To dream of an alligator attacking you

If you dreamed that an alligator was attacking you, your subconscious was trying to tell you that you are in a situation that you do not know how to solve. You are facing a period of great struggle and hesitation, during which you will have the desire to give up on everything. You will be motivated by your partner and family, but you will feel that you need more than that.

To dream that an alligator bit you

If you dream that an alligator has bitten or eaten you, it means that you are in danger. You may have invested a lot of money, effort and work into something that currently brings you neither material nor any other success. You will be in a dilemma whether to give up and dedicate yourself to something else or to try to stick with it to the end.

To dream of an alligator attacking someone

When you dream that an alligator is attacking or eating someone else, it means that you could lose an important job due to unreliable partners or colleagues. If you have a private business, one of your close associates could let you down.

Dream of a small alligator

When you dream of a small alligator, it symbolizes your desire to protect someone. If you are a parent this dream is not uncommon as you have a constant need to protect your child. It is also possible that you feel the need to protect another family member who is currently quite vulnerable. Small alligators in a dream symbolize devotion to family.

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Dream of a big alligator

If you dream of a big alligator, it means that the end of your problems is just around the corner. For some time now, you have not been able to cope with a situation caused by carelessness and negligence. You will probably become aware that you have created such a situation yourself and that is the first step towards a solution because until now you have blamed others for every failure of yours. It is quite certain that your problem will require a lot of effort and work, but without that you cannot expect to solve it.

To dream of being surrounded by alligators

When you dream that you are surrounded by several alligators in the water, it means that you will experience a situation in the near future with which you will not cope well. It is possible that someone will give you a task that you are not skilled enough to do and that will bring you a lot of stress. You will have to be careful at every step because even a small mistake could have fatal consequences. Additional pressure will be created by the fact that you will not have anyone to ask for advice. However, help could come from an unknown person who will have enough understanding and patience to help when you need it.

To dream of hunting alligators

If you dream of hunting alligators, it means that you will experience an unexpected adventure. You may enter a new relationship or accept an offer for a job abroad. For a while, you will debate whether to accept it or stay where you currently feel safe. Friends and loved ones will advise you on the second option, which will further increase your fear of change, even though you are aware that you would like the adventure, regardless of its outcome.

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