Crocodile – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreams about a crocodile

Crocodiles and alligators belong to a group of animals whose development began before the development of dinosaurs, and which have changed very little since then. Crocodiles and alligators, along with close relatives caimans and gavials, belong to the order of Crocodilia and they are characterized by recognizable reptilian appearance, protective armor made of bone plates and incredibly strong jaws containing numerous and powerful teeth.

Crocodiles are definitely not a pleasant symbol in dreams, and the interpretations behind their appearance in dreams, although mostly negative, are quite interesting.

15 interpretations of dreams about crocodiles

To dream of seeing a crocodile

If you see a crocodile in a dream, it is a warning that a friend is not honest with you. They may find out something about you, but they won’t tell you because they know it would hurt you.

Dream of running away from a crocodile

Dreaming of running away from a crocodile implies that you will endanger yourself. You are a strong person who does not give up on anything when it comes to fighting for the truth. Although such an attitude will provide you with a clear conscience, you will often be targeted by people whose attitudes and behavior are contrary to yours, which is why they will do everything to intimidate you and make you give up snooping around things that do not concern you.

To dream of others running away from crocodiles

If you dreamed of someone running away from a crocodile, it implies that you will be delighted by someone’s courage to oppose the authorities. It is possible that you will listen live or on television to a person who is not afraid to express his opinion and views at all. You will understand that there are still people who do not allow the media to brainwash them. They know how to think for themselves and are not afraid of possible harmful consequences for themselves.

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To dream of killing a crocodile

When you kill a crocodile in a dream, it indicates that you will face your fears. You take many things too personally, so you withdraw instead of clearly saying what bothers you. You will try to overcome the traumas that have plagued you in the past and be more open towards people around you.

To dream that others are killing crocodiles

The dream that others are killing crocodiles usually indicates that you will be involved in some not completely legal business. You may accept an offer that brings better pay, but also a huge risk. You will first wonder if you are capable of something like that, but when you realize how much money you need, you will not hesitate much and you will accept that offer. However, be careful because you do not have much experience in such jobs and if you face a problem it could get the better of you.

Dream of a dead crocodile

A dead crocodile is a sign that you should once again reconsider the decisions you have recently made. You decided on important things in life without giving it much thought. It is important to analyze the situation once again and assess the options that are offered to you. You may find a better solution that will bring you more satisfaction.

To dream of hunting crocodiles

Hunting crocodiles in dreams symbolizes adventure. It is possible that you will accept a job offer in another city or state or you will enter a romantic relationship with a person you have recently met. You will think about it for a while, but you will conclude that change could come in handy and you will decide to listen to your heart.

To dream that others are hunting crocodiles

If you dreamed of someone hunting crocodiles, it means that you are worried about your loved one. One of your friends or family members told you the next step they intend to make in their life and it confused you. You may advise them to think it through a bit longer, but they will not listen to you and they will do what they want.

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To dream of jumping on a crocodile’s back

A dream in which you jump on the backs of crocodiles swimming in the water is a sign that you will have to face the problem that is currently bothering you. You can listen to the advice of dear people, but you will have to decide for yourself what to do. Once you make a decision there is no going back and that is why it is important that you think about it all.

To dream of others jumping on crocodile backs

If you dreamed of someone jumping on the back of a crocodile, the dream dictionary explains, it implies that you will resent your partner or friend for their childish behavior. You will admit to them that they surprised you with their actions and you will do your best to explain to them just how wrong it is. It will probably seem to you that the criticism has borne fruit, but his or her future actions will show otherwise.

To dream that a crocodile bit you

When you dream that a crocodile has bitten or eaten you, it symbolizes danger. You have probably invested a lot in something that did not bring success. You’ve spent time, money and patience, so you’ll be thinking about whether to give it up or go in all the way. Remember, if you decide on this second option, the consequences could be either catastrophic or marvelous.

To dream that a crocodile bit someone else

If you saw a crocodile biting or eating another person in a dream, it means that a close person will ask you for advice regarding a delicate situation. Since you have never found yourself in their position, you will have to think a little about what to tell them. You do not need to be afraid that your words may lead them astray because everyone is responsible for their own actions.

Dream that you bought a crocodile

Buying crocodiles in your dream is a sign that you are trying too hard to be special and noticed by others. You do your best to draw attention to yourself, both in private life and in business life. You like it when people turn around in the street after you and compliment you.

To dream of selling crocodiles

Selling crocodiles in your dreams indicates that you can’t deal with something in the waking world. Maybe it’s about the person you love, and who drives you crazy with their behavior. You no longer know how to approach them, or how to calm them down. This kind of relationship has no future because you will never be able to change their behavior, you will only suffer even more.

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Dream that you got a crocodile

If someone gives you a crocodile in a dream, it implies that someone in your immediate environment is behaving strangely towards you, so you never know if you are on good terms or not. Sometimes they act like you are best friends, and the next moment they push you away.

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