Dreaming about running – dream meaning

Dreams of running

Dreaming about running could be interpreted differently depending on whether you were running alone, with someone, towards something, or away from something. Running towards something or chasing someone is usually not a good sign and might indicate you can’t get over something or someone you’ve lost. If you were running away from something or someone it could mean you’re afraid of something or that you’re just escaping or avoiding some uncomfortable situation. 

12 interpretations of dreams about running

Dream about running alone

Having a dream, where you were running alone, is usually a very good sign and is a representation of your motivation in accomplishing all your goals and plans. This kind of a dream is a symbol of a big success in all areas of your life, especially your career. It could also be interpreted as a sign that you’re on the right track and should continue with whatever you’re doing right now. It’s possible you will become famous because of some charity work you’ve been doing. 

Dream about running with someone

If you had company while running then this dream might foretell you’re about to get invited to a party or a very important ceremony. If you were running with a friend the dream might be telling you that your friendship will take a step forward and become stronger than ever. 

Dream about being unable to run

If you had a dream where you were trying to run but your legs just weren’t moving, then this dream could reflect some insecurities and a lack of confidence you’re having. Being unable to run can also be connected to a feeling of helplessness or exhaustion. Maybe you’re feeling that your life is pretty boring or you feel that something is holding you back and stopping you from moving on with your life. It’s also possible you’ve given yourself too many goals and now you’re not sure where to focus your attention and that’s giving you a feeling that you’re just standing in one place. 

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Dream about running with people

Running with a group of people, in your dream, is usually a good sign and might mean you feel accepted and fully integrated into your surroundings. People around you finally accept you as a part of their lives and the attention you’re getting from them is very pleasant. A dream such a this might also indicate you’re about to be invited to a wedding where you will be in the center of attention. 

Dream about running a marathon

Running in a marathon is a good sign and symbolizes your longevity and excellent health, and all the benefits that come with being in great shape. This dream could also foretell you finally resolving some problems that have been troubling and bothering you for a very long time.

Dream about running into someone

If you were running and accidentally bumped into someone, maybe even knocking him to the ground, might indicate or foretell some huge financial losses and possibly your reputation getting tarnished because of some reckless and immoral behavior in your waking life. 

Dream about running bare feet

Dreams about running bare feet should be considered as a warning to lower your expenses and have more control over your financial situation. It’s possible you had a period where you had some unexpected expenses and now might be the time to try and save up some money before things get out of control.

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Dream about chasing someone

A dream where you were chasing someone and finally you caught up with them is a sign of good fortune and could also reflect your satisfaction with finally accomplishing something you’ve been working on for a very long time. This dream might also mean that something you’ve been wishing for a very long time is about to come true.

Dream about running without an end goal

If you were running in some unknown place or were running a race that had no finish line, it could indicate some financial loss. This dream is a warning that you’re spending too much on meaningless things and that you should stop before you go bankrupt. 

Dream about running away from danger

A dream where you were running from some sort of danger is a warning that you should change some stances or attitudes you have about life before they cause you some serious problems. It’s possible you had a disagreement with someone close to you, and now despite you knowing you are wrong, you are refusing to change your opinion. 

Dream about chasing an enemy

A dream where you were running after a “rival” is a sign you’re ready to face someone of something that is preventing you from moving forward and accomplishing your goals.

Dream about running constantly

A dream where you were running until exhaustion but you weren’t stopping could be interpreted as a sort of warning that your health condition could be somehow compromised. 

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