Dream of visiting a zoo – full interpretation

Dreams of a zoo

Dreaming about the zoo has different symbolism, depending on the type of animal, the purpose of visiting the zoo, the condition at the zoo. In our free dream dictionary, you will find the explanation of the most common dreams about the zoo.

21 interpretations of dreams about zoo

Dreaming about a zoo

A dream of a zoo often symbolizes that you have withdrawn into yourself and socially distanced yourself. You rarely express your opinion about life, social, family events. You may also find yourself in a situation where your every move is observed and followed. Do not let the fear of defeat stop you from playing. Other people’s opinions are their opinions that should not hold you back. If you sometimes need to be alone, that is fine, but do not isolate yourself from everything around you.

To dream that you are lost in a zoo

This kind of dream predicts that your relationship with close friends and family members is not great. You have completely cut off communication with them. You have different opinions, needs and desires. However, this is not a reason to cut off communication. All problems can be solved by talking. All people are different. Accept people’s differences and work on improving existing relationships.  In your case, time will not solve the problem with them, but only a conversation.

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Dreaming of looking for someone at the zoo

This dream symbolizes loneliness. You do not have the support of important people. We often expect the support of other people, not realizing that the moments when we support ourselves have the strongest power. Believe in yourself and success. Some people will only believe in you when the results of your work appear. Most of them see only the glow of gold, but not the effort you put in to reach the goal.

To dream that you can not find a way out of the zoo

This dream symbolizes that you are under the great influence of other people. You do not show your opinion often, you allow other people to manipulate you. You have to take responsibility in life and take life into your own hands.  If others try to control and manipulate you, stop them.

To dream that you are trapped in a zoo

This dream symbolizes that no one will notice your abilities and talents. You feel caged right now. This dream can also be a symbol of chaos and confusion in life, and a symbol of your desire to sort out a life situation. It can also symbolize a discussion between people close to you. You will not get involved in that discussion. Sometimes, it is best to remain neutral in discussions.

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To dream that you are not allowed to enter the zoo

This kind of dream predicts getting out of your comfort zone. You do not like changes and life challenges. However, in order to solve a life problem, you will have to dare. The secret of success is to dare. Use all the life chances and opportunities available to you. Do not let fear stop you.

To dream of feeding the animals at the zoo

This dream often symbolizes problems in communicating with loved ones. You are probably hiding something from a loved one or family member, because the truth would hurt them. However, you will have to tell them what is bothering you sooner or later. They will notice by your behavior that you are hiding something from them.

This dream also tells that you will break the given promise out of pure curiosity. Do not make any promises that you can not keep.  

To see others feeding the animals at the zoo

This dream often shows that you admire the wrong people. You will later realize that they did not deserve admiration. You will also realize that you put the wrong people on the pedestal.

This dream can also symbolize that someone close to you will not listen to your advice or suggestion. Because of it, that person will face the consequences of his / her own decisions and moves.

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To work at the zoo

This dream usually symbolizes your desire to change your job, college or profession. You have finally realized that you want to do what you love and you want to stop with negative life habits. There is a possibility that you will get paid for your hobby.

To dream of cleaning the zoo

This dream foretells being overburdened with business obligations. You have a turbulent business period ahead of you. No matter how many responsibilities you have, try to avoid stress. You need to maintain your physical and mental health, in spite of everything.

To dream of living in a zoo

This dream is a symbol of family problems and quarrels in the coming period. Financial problems will cause family discord. There is a possibility that a family member spends more money than you have. You have to agree about spending the common money. Because, in the end, the most important thing is family harmony and agreement.

To dream that you let the animals out of the zoo

This dream symbolizes hard work. You will have to work hard to correct the made mistakes and to overcome the upcoming challenges. Because of work, you will probably neglect family and friends, but that is the only way to reach the set goal.

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To dream that the beasts escaped from the zoo

This dream symbolizes your instincts and desires. You will soon show your wild side. Sometimes, this kind of dream can predict problems in the coming period. Do not panic. If you are calm, you will make a wise decision and solve the problem you have.

To dream that you have bought a zoo

This dream symbolizes the passionate, loyal, warm, dedicated, selfless side of your personality. Your qualities are coming to the surface. This dream also symbolizes the desire to prove. You need to stop living life for others and live life more for yourself. This dream is sometimes a lesson. You need to be more independent.

To dream of building a zoo

This dream symbolizes your inner struggle. You struggle to make your loved one happy, even though it is not always reciprocal. You have to understand that effort must be mutual. You can not be the only one to agree to compromises and seek solutions to your problems. If you are the only one who fights, you will realize in time that it is no longer worth fighting for that relationship.

To dream of others building a zoo

This dream symbolizes your passive side of personality. You have to be proactive in life if you want to do something that is appreciated. Whatever goals you have in life, you need to be aware that they are not achieved by passivity. They are achieved through enthusiasm, desire, effort and hard work.

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To dream of demolishing a zoo

This kind of dream is not such a bad sign. Probably, your decisions and moves will not be accepted by the people. Some people in life will applaud you, others will criticize you. It is an unwritten rule of life. But you do not live for others. When you accept this, you will begin to live life to the fullest.

To dream of others demolishing a zoo

This dream is not such a good sign. It symbolizes that you have no feelings for the people around you. You are strict with people close to you. Even though you are aware that they are on the wrong path, try to let them know in a nice way. Improve your approach to them. Do not be strict with them. They may be very sensitive, so they will find it hard to accept your strict approach.  

To dream of setting fire to a zoo

This dream is not a very good sign. This dream symbolizes the consequences of wrong decisions. You always make quick decisions and therefore you bear the consequences. Take enough time to make a wise decision. Every rush is in vain. The best decisions are those made with a cool head.

To dream of others setting fire to a zoo

This dream symbolizes that you are not listening to other people’s tips. Maybe you should listen sometimes. There are people who have good intentions. Especially listen to those tips that say you need to think less.

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To dream of an abandoned zoo

This dream is a symbol of your loneliness. You lack support in life. You are vulnerable and lonely. People often make mistakes about what support is, thinking it was applause when victory was celebrated. In fact, a man does not need encouragement, when he acquires a medal.

A man does not need a shoulder to cry on when it is time to smile. That is why your concern is expected. But you have to accept the fact that some people are only there when we progress in life.

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