Dreaming about your grandmother

Dreaming of granny

Dreams about your grandmother are usually very positive symbols like wisdom, security, or helpful advice. Such dreams carry meaningful messages of what you’re feeling without even realizing it. 

15 interpretations of dreams about your grandmother

Dreaming about your granny

A dream like this is a representation of harmony in your family. It’s possible you also got some good news related to one of your family members. Perhaps you’re about to get invited to your cousin’s wedding or some sort of celebration. Maybe you’re going to see someone you haven’t seen for a very long time and recall all the moments you had together

To dream about talking to your grandmother

This dream is a sign you’re going to notice something you’ve don’t wrong regarding your job, and you will correct it in time thus avoiding any serious problems. If you dreamt about talking to someone else’s grandmother it could be a sign someone is trying to deceive you in some way. 

To dream about your grandmother crying

Dream about your grandma crying could be a sign that someone is worried about you, without you even knowing. Try and think who could it be, and assure them they have no reason to worry about you. 

Someone else’s grandmother crying could be a sign of poverty and misery. It could also mean you’re about to give some bad news to someone. 

Dream about your late grandmother being alive

If you had a dream about your grandmother being alive and well it could mean that you’re about to get some unexpected help. Someone you haven’t seen for a very long time will come to your assistance and it will renew your friendship with that person. 

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Dream about your granny being sick

Seeing your grandmother sick could be a foretell that something you were working on won’t turn out the way you were hoping. It might give you a sense of hopelessness and uselessness.

To dream about your grandmother dying

Dreams in which someone dies usually mean quite the opposite. Your grandmother will have a long and happy life. 

Dream about becoming a grandmother

This dream could imply that your family needs help from you. Your family sees you as an “anchor” holding them in place. 

To dream about someone else’s grandmother

Someone else’s grandmother, in your dream, could represent some sort of hostility or anger. It’s possible you’ll into an argument with someone from your family. Your frustration could spill over to your partner, and they will not tolerate your bad behavior for long.

Dreaming about killing your grandmother

A dream like this points to a problem that you’re having with a loved one. Someone from your family or a friend is constantly imposing their opinions and attitudes on you, expecting you will agree with them all the time, and it’s beginning to annoy you. Deep down you know their behavior is wrong, but just can’t seem to find a way to make them stop. 

Arguing with your granny

A dream where you argued with your grandmother could mean that there is something in your past that’s holding you back. You’re constantly thinking about it and not allowing yourself to move on. It might be best to talk with someone about your problem. 

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Arguing with someone else’s grandmother

This dream might point to some sense of guilt for insulting someone in your past. You know now that it was wrong, but don’t know how to apologize to that person. 

Hiding from your grandmother

Dream, where you were hiding, could represent you actually hiding your true self from others. It’s possible you’re ashamed of something or you’re just trying not to hurt someone you know. 

Hiding from someone else’s grandmother

It could mean that someone is suffocating you. Although the person doesn’t have any bad intentions, you simply find them annoying. 

Dream about watching your grandmother – It could mean that you’re craving attention. 

Dream about your grandmother’s tombstone – A dream like this could point to some health issues you’re having. It would be wise to visit a doctor. 

Definition of grandmother according to Cambridge Dictionary:

the mother of a person’s father or mother.

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