Dreaming of thunder and lightning

Dreaming about thunder lighting

Dreaming about thunder and lightning most often speaks about some new insight into things and problems and some sort of spiritual revelation. These events, in a dream, are most often followed by big surprises and strong emotions. 

13 interpretations of dreams about thunder and lightning

Dreaming of lightning and then thunder

If you first saw lightning and then heard the thunder it points to a dangerous situation in which, luckily, you will get some sort of warning on the upcoming surprise. Be on the lookout for every “signal” that could point to something unexpected and shocking. 

Dreaming of a cloud that carries thunder

Big black clouds or tornados, which carry rain and thunder, are likely a warning of upcoming problematic times in your immediate future. People around you are completely unaware of the upcoming troubles. Yet, there are definite signs that point to trouble. Prepare for a possibly dangerous situation. 

Dreaming of a thunder strike

These kinds of dreams refer to powers out of your control. They could very well be destructive and you have no idea what kind of an effect they will leave on you. So, you should take precautions, and lower the risks of anything bad happening. 

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A storm with thunder and lightning 

A dream like this might indicate a multitude of bad things that are about to happen to you in the near future. You’re likely to hit a rough patch very soon, but it should be over pretty quickly and you’ll continue with your life. 

Dreaming of thunder without lightning

If you heard a clap of thunder, in your sleep, without lightning that usually means that you’re going to be warned about possible unpleasant surprises in your life, however, those events won’t have a big impact on your life. Try to be calm and dignified, because no matter how long the situation lasts you will pull through.

Dreaming of a fire after a lightning strike

In case you had a dream where you saw lightning hit something and then a fire afterward it represents sudden changes in your life, a representation of your world crumbling. You might have to change the way you’re thinking and acting before it’s too late. 

Dreaming of lightning in the sky

To dream about seeing lightning from a safe distance but without hearing, thunder could mean that you’re about to hear some bad news about someone in your surroundings. Luckily, that news won’t affect you personally, you’ll only be an observer. 

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Dreams about lightning with rain

This dream, followed by strong rain, might indicate that you’ll soon hear some pretty bad news and that you will take them very personally.  

Dreaming about lightning and a rainbow

If you saw both of these things together in a dream, it could mean something is about to happen that hasn’t happened in a very long time. Maybe it’s a great job opportunity, a romantic proposal, etc. Now is the right time to seize the opportunity and succeed. Be on the lookout for anything that could spoil your chance of success. 

Dreaming of white lightning

Dreams in which you saw a white lightning point to a new insight into your relationship or friendship. These insights could be either positive or negative. Try and interpret other details of your dream to find out which one it is. 

Dreaming of blue lightning

Dreaming blue lightning is usually a sign of wisdom and knowledge that appear after some sudden insights and revelations. You will probably find out or realize some very important details about something through a very shocking and unpleasant event. 

Dreaming about getting hit with thunder and lightning

Dreams like this speak about some irreparable changes that are about to happen to you. You will most likely go through some sort of transformation and you will never be the same again. 

Dreaming about lightning hitting a tree

If you had a dream like this, it could mean that you’re building up a lot of negative emotions inside yourself, and you’re just about ready to snap. Be careful, if you do snap be sure that it isn’t a person who had nothing to do with your anger or your displeasure. 

Thunderstorm definition according to Weather.gov:

A rain-bearing cloud that also produces lightning.

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