Dreaming about a tornado – dream meaning and interpretation

What does it mean to dream of a tornado?

Dreaming about a tornado usually represents excessive emotional outbursts, most often extreme rage. Your emotions are too strong for you to handle, and you don’t have any control over them. Like a real tornado, they just appear in full force and there is no way of knowing how it will end. 

11 explanations of a dreams about a tornado

To dream about a tornado

A tornado is a strong storm that doesn’t last a very long time. In dreams, it most often represents a symbol for sudden changes in your, changes that happened so fast it was impossible to predict them or stop them. Maybe you were recently let go from your job, maybe your partner left you even though you thought the relationship is going well, etc. All of these “traumatic” events can be described by a tornado in your dreams.

A tornado is often a symbol of meaningful emotional changes. These dreams can happen when you find yourself in a situation where you’re so confused not only by not knowing what’s happening but confused about your feelings as well. Tornadoes often represent destructive situations in your life, things you don’t have any control of, to the point that you yourself are becoming destructive. And people around you might have a problem with that. 

Dreaming of several tornadoes merging into one

If you had a dream where several tornadoes become one it could be a reference to people, around you, who have outbursts of rage or are prone to mood swings. Several tornadoes merging symbolize a highly unstable situation or a relationship with someone, that is constantly changing and impossible to predict. Try to analyze what situation might that be, and try to stay away from it.

Tornado accompanied by heavy rain

A dream about a strong rain with thunder and lighting following a tornado represents tears, sadness, and desperation. Tornado here might represent an argument you had with someone close to you, and rain could represent the sadness and desperation you’re feeling after the “fight”. 

Dreaming about a black tornado

This dream points to inevitable situations that are causing extreme damage and displeasure. A black tornado is usually a bad omen. If you dream about a black tornado killing someone you know, it’s possible your relationship with that person will deteriorate. 

Dreaming about a red or a fiery tornado

A red tornado could be a sign of a destructive force emerging from someone’s lust or desire. It’s possible you found yourself in a relationship so dynamic, unpredictable, but also very destructive. Be very careful, this relationship could destroy you. 

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Dreaming about a white tornado

A white tornado is a symbol of your moral values being attacked. Maybe you’re experiencing some life-changing events that will make you question everything you believe in. 

Dream about surviving a tornado

If in your dream you survived a tornado because someone warned you, it’s a sign that soon you’ll find yourself in a situation you won’t be well prepared for, but still, that warning might help you. 

Finding yourself in the center of the tornado

A dream like this speaks about your sense of helplessness in an environment you have absolutely no control of. The most important thing in this situation is to keep a cool head. 

Running from a tornado

This dream refers to people in your life who are slowly becoming more and more aggressive, and you don’t understand why, you just know you want to get far away. If you’re having difficulties avoiding that person, try to find an “anchor”, something to hold on to, not to lose yourself. 

Being hurt in a tornado

This dream might be a sign you’re about to get insulted or hurt in some way, but not it is absolutely not your fault. 

Being carried by a tornado and you’re enjoying it

This dream represents your wish as far as you can from all the problems and anxiety surrounding you. Maybe you’re thinking about completely ignoring people around you, you feel they are nothing but a bad influence. 

Tornado definition according to Dictionary.com:

a potentially violent and destructive system of atmospheric circulation, characterized by a long, funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground

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