Dreaming of keys – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming about keys

What does it mean to dream about keys? Key is an important symbol and has lots of different meanings. Generally, keys are symbols for “unlocking” some kind of hidden knowledge or meaning 

12 explanations of dreams about keys

To dream keys of your own house

If you ever had such a dream it usually means that there is some sort of trait of you, a part of your personality, or even a secret that you want to hide from the rest of the world. Dreaming of your own keys sometimes indicates the desire to buy your own house or an apartment and by doing that get safety and independence in life. 

Dream about finding keys

These kinds of dreams often indicate that you’re close to solving a problem that has been bothering you. Also, that you’re looking for a way to access important information and learn something important. 

Dreaming of a broken key

if you ever had a dream like this it’s a bad omen, usually refers to a sort of a failure and loss of respect and stature. 

Dreaming about a key and a padlock

Dreams like this symbolize that, in your immediate future, you will very successfully fit in in every situation life throws at you, also that you will fit in with most of the new people you meet. You have the potential to “unlock” every possible benefit from those encounters. 

The interpretation of dreams about a door.

Dreaming of car keys

Dreams about car keys point to your stance toward your ability to begin any sort of new chapter in your life. It speaks about your capability to control whatever it is you’re starting anew, also it represents the ability to make your own tough decisions whenever needed.         

However, if you dreamt of losing your car keys it could mean that you’re unable to jumpstart a part of your life that’s been lagging. It’s possible that you feel very optimistic, but in the end, something is holding you back and you’re helpless to do anything. 

If you ever had a dream about not being able to start the car when using keys it could mean that you’re trying to solve a problem over and over again using the same method but it is simply not working. This way your subconscious mind is telling you that your way of problem-solving just isn’t efficient and that you should try a different approach. 

Dreaming stolen car keys

That could mean that you feel that your personal space is in some way disturbed. It doesn’t mean that you were robbed or attacked, but rather that someone has invaded your privacy in some way and the person isn’t backing down. 

Lots of rusted keys on a keychain

This type of dream might indicate that you have neglected or have forgotten something, and now because of that, you are having difficulties in your everyday life. This dream could be a reminder of some problems in the past and also the fact that some buried feelings are trying to resurface. 

Dreaming of losing keys

These dreams often refer to responsibilities we all have in life. Possibly you’re overworked, under pressure and you’re just feeling that you’re losing control (keys). It could mean that you lost confidence in someone or something. Also, that someone isn’t loyal to you anymore, and a once sure thing isn’t so sure anymore. 

Meaning of the dreams about the house.

Dreaming of getting keys

Dreams about getting keys, especially from someone close to you, are a very good symbol and could mean that you’ll be getting help from someone when you need it most. A person whom you trust will be there for you. 

Giving keys to someone

This type of dream could mean that very soon you will confide in someone, someone very close to you. It’s possible that you’ll turn over control over a specific situation, simply because you trust they are able to do it.  

Dreaming of a golden key

If you saw a golden key in your dreams it’s a fantastic omen. It indicates that you’re capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to. Namely, it’s a symbol of wealth and influence.  

Dreaming enormous keys

A dream like this points to a “big” opportunity in your life, whether it’s romantic or work-related. 

Definition of key according to Cambridge Dictionary:

a piece of metal that has been cut into a special shape and is used for opening or closing a lock, starting a car engine, etc.

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