Dreaming of coffee – dream symbolism

Dreaming of coffee

Dreams about coffee usually mean that you should have a bit more insight into things before making any decisions that could affect the rest of your life. It is best if your mind is totally clear and “woke”, just like after a morning coffee, in order to make the right decision. To properly interpret the dream you should try and analyze other details of your dream, did you just see coffee or were you drinking it, where were you, who was with you, and emotions the dream awoke in you. 

15 interpretations of dreams about a coffee

Dreams about coffee could represent some secrets you’re keeping, dark meals and drinks in dreams mean that you’re a “closed”, introverted person or that you’re at least right now keeping secrets from someone. 

Have in mind, in order to better understand the dream, that all drinks give us energy in some way and are a stimulant to change our attitudes and behavior somehow. 

To dream about drinking coffee

Drinking coffee with someone you don’t know could point to your hospitality and sociability. However, drinking it with a friend could point to some hidden feeling you have toward them. Drinking coffee with a group of friends might represent your wish for social contact, feeling wanted, and being a part of a group. If you were drinking in a coffee shop that might be a sign that you want to reach out and make more friends and drinking it at your workplace means that you want to be accepted and respected by your bosses and your peers. 

Dream about spilling coffee

A dream where you spilled coffee could talk about your carelessness and recklessness while making decisions, which can hurt others more than yourself. 

To dream of coffee in a mug

A coffee mug is connected with calmness, positivity, and self-confidence. You are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to just as long as you take responsibility for your actions, and stop blaming others for your failures. 

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Empty coffee mug

This dream represents comfort and reliable friends. If you dreamt about giving your mug to someone that is a sign of great respect and friendship.

To dream about instant coffee

This dream might be a warning that you’re too impulsive and reckless and that you should slow down. 

To dream about black coffee

Black coffee here represent you being stuck in a routine and a warning that you should wake up.

To dream about ice coffee

Dreams about ice coffee mean that you shouldn’t be too worried about your current problems or troubles, just keep a “cool” head and you will manage to solve them. 

To dream about coffee with sugar

Coffee with sugar or some other artificial sweetener might be a sign that you’re aware that you’re making decisions without all the necessary facts and information. You’re trying to take the easy way out and use shortcuts wherever you can. 

Drinking bitter coffee

This dream is a foretell that you’ll fail in avoiding some uncomfortable tasks and that you’ll have to spend time with people that annoy you as well. 

Drinking unsavory coffee

Dreams like this might represent you damaging or destroying something important, probably because of your carelessness. 

Dreaming about coffee with milk

Coffee with milk means that you should also consider other people’s opinions before making decisions. 

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To dream about a coffee table

When dreaming about a coffee table it’s important to remember where the table was, in what place, because that is the place where you feel most comfortable. Maybe it’s your house, your friend’s house, or your parent’s house. 

Dreaming about a coffee machine

A dream like this might be a sign that you’re too dependent on other people making the decisions for you. Stark making your own decisions and don’t be afraid of failure. 

To dream about a coffee shop

This dream might be a sign from your subconscious mind that you’re in desperate need of rest. 

Dreaming about grains of coffee

This dream points to your connection with your roots. 

Definition of coffee according to Cambridge Dictionary:

a dark brown powder with a strong flavour and smell that is made by crushing dark beans from a tropical bush and used to make a drink.

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