Dreaming of an apple

Dreams of apples

The apple in a dream is most often a symbol of progress, wealth, success, beauty, fulfillment of desires and goals. The apple dream is a symbol of happiness and success in life and love. The symbolism of a dream in which you saw apples depends on how the apples looked in the dream, whether they were fresh or rotten, whether it was in the basket, on the ground, on a branch, etc. This kind of dream generally has very good symbolism and is a good sign.

17 apple dream interpretations

To dream of eating an apple

This dream symbolizes life’s temptations. It is often associated with forbidden love. You may have some life problems ahead. Maybe you fell in love with a forbidden person. However, this dream is not such a bad sign. You will overcome all the problems in life if you make an effort.

To see apples on a tree

This dream is a really good sign. It symbolizes new acquaintances and friendships. You will meet new friends. You are a really open and communicative person, you enjoy meeting new people. In any case, be careful. Do not trust everyone you meet. Some people are not sincere friends to you, as they present themselves.

To dream that others are eating apples

This dream symbolizes your dissatisfaction with your love status. Maybe you have been alone for a long time. You may be disappointed in love, so you are afraid to start a new love relationship. If you are in a relationship and you dream of an apple, you may not be happy with the way things are at the moment. Talk to your partner. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but it is improved by joint efforts. It would be a shame to end a relationship you have been building for a long time.

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Dreaming of picking apples

A dream like this is a really good sign. It symbolizes progress, joy, wealth, fulfillment of your dreams and desires. It is a symbol of both happiness and success. This kind of dream has a very positive symbolism. You might get a good new opportunity in life. It can also mean that your work will pay off. At work, your every effort will be appreciated. This dream can also be a symbol of harmony. You will finally start doing what you love and you will be paid very well for that job.

To collect apples

Such dreams symbolize that your efforts will pay off. Nothing major and important in life has been achieved without enthusiasm. Keep up the good work. Remember that work beats talent when talent does not work hard. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes, surely. But if you continue to work hard, there are no limits to your dreams. You can have everything you want.

To buy apples

This dream symbolizes that you will finally start taking care of your health. This unhealthy lifestyle has been a burden to you. You will finally get rid of bad habits that damaged your health. You will eat much healthier and you will exercise more. You are happy to have crossed your limits. You will eventually realize that you have recently done the best thing for yourself.

To see rotten apples

This dream symbolizes some life problems that you will face in the coming period. You do not need to be afraid. You can overcome every problem if you try harder. Also, this dream can symbolize that you will not achieve something you planned. And you will probably realize that it is good that your plans are not being fulfilled. You have to understand that not everything you lose is a loss. If it seems to you that everything falls apart, maybe everything just falls into a place.

To see an apple tree without fruits

This dream symbolizes the end of toxic relationships in life. You have finally taken life into your own hands and decided to surround yourself with positive people who bring joy into your life. You said goodbye to negative people and you feel like you made the right decision.

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To see an apple tree in bloom

This dream is usually a very good sign and announces the period of realization of your desires and goals. Everything you start you will finish successfully. It can also symbolize happiness in love. You will meet a person who will bring joy to your life. You will have a smile on your face again and you will be overjoyed to have met such a person.

To see others picking apples

This dream is a symbol of sudden happiness. You will hear the good news that will make you very happy.  In general, such kind of dream has a really good meaning, so you can expect some positive events in the days ahead.

To peel apples

This dream means that you cannot solve a situation or a problem that has worried you for a long time.  You are ashamed to ask for help, but the realization of your plans and wishes depends on the solution to that problem. Do not hesitate. No one knows everything. Seek advice or help from those who may be more experienced or older than you.

To sell apples

This dream foretells that you need to be more empathetic towards other people. Help those who need it. Don’t think that their problem is not your problem at the same time. Our little means a lot to someone. Do not use someone else’s misfortune for personal gain.

To dream of someone giving you an apple

This dream predicts that you have a secret admirer. You are an extremely pleasant person. No one remains immune to your qualities and energy. But you may be behaving a little inaccessibly towards that person. That is the reason why that person never comes close to you, although that person really enjoys your company. Look around you, you will notice very soon who it is.

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To give someone an apple

This dream is a symbol of a good deed you will do. A person from your environment needs help. You do not have a very good experience with that person. Despite a bad experience, you will do a good deed. Such action will bring you a lot of happiness and pleasure in life. You put your ego aside and acted well. By doing so, you have elevated yourself to a higher level.

To dream of red apples

Sometimes, this dream symbolizes new opportunities or unexpected rewards. This dream is generally a good sign. However, it can also symbolize the bad intentions of people around you. Beware of those you have recently met. Be careful. Do not stop trusting people because of that, but not everyone you meet is good and with good intentions. Some people will try to stop you from achieving your goals, but you are wise enough to never let that happen.

To dream of green apples

This dream clearly tells you: you need to be more patient in everyday life. These two are the strongest of all warriors – time and patience. Good things take time to accomplish.

To dream of yellow apples

It is time for love. You will be lucky in love, but do not take any business actions in the coming period.

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