Dreams about strawberries 

Strawberry dreams

Strawberries in your dream usually refer to romantic opportunities but also to progress, in general, that awaits you in your immediate future. Strawberries are a symbol of joy, happiness, wealth, prosperity, and fertility. 

17 interpretations of dreams about strawberries 

To dream about seeing strawberries

Seeing strawberries in your dream, not picking or eating them, means that you’re aware of your limitations, of what you’re allowed to do, and are you not. Strawberries are also a symbol of temptation, dreaming about eating them when you’re not supposed to might mean that you will do something reckless and irresponsible in your immediate future. This dream might also be telling you that you’re capable of bending and breaking the rules. 

To dream about picking strawberries

Picking strawberries is a sign that soon you will get something you’ve been waiting for or wishing for a very long time. Most likely you will start a new romantic relationship with someone you had your eyes on for a while now. 

To dream of eating strawberries

Dreaming about eating juicy and delicious strawberries is a sign of happiness and satisfaction. However, eating sour or tasteless strawberries might mean someone will reject your advances and attempts of flirting. 

Dreaming of wild strawberries

A dream like this represents that you are open to hearing new ideas and you will find a way of doing things no one other thought of. 

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Picking wild strawberries

This too is a great omen of things to come. A dream like this means that soon you’ll go on an adventure and try things you never tried before. 

Feeding someone strawberries

This dream means that you have a friend who will always be there for you, no matter what. It could also symbolize that you have an excellent relationship with your partner. 

To dream about green strawberries

A dream like this is a manifestation of your displeasure with your romantic and sexual life. Also, it might be a sign of disappointment in a loved one. 

Dream of throwing away strawberries

Throwing rotten strawberries means that your current relationship is often ruined by jealousy and constant arguments. You see your relationship as “rotten” and wish to repair somehow or end it. 

Buying or selling strawberries

This dream is a message from your subconscious mind that you’re ready for a new romantic relationship with someone. It is very likely you already have someone in mind. 

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Stealing strawberries

Stealing someone else’s strawberries means that, in your waking life, you actually want to steal from someone. Maybe it’s something material or maybe you just want to take credit for something you haven’t done. 

Planting strawberries

A dream like this is telling you that you will soon get a pretty boring job or start a boring project, however, you will profit greatly when the whole thing is over. 

Dreaming about a field of strawberries

A field of strawberries represents an abundance of choices and opportunities that are in front of you romantic-wise. However, this dream could mean that you will cheat on your partner and have an affair. 

Dreaming about a strawberry stem

Just a stem, without any fruit, is a sign that you’re in a stable relationship. A dry stem means points to an unhealthy relationship and possible break up in your future. 

To dream of strawberry cake

Strawberry cake represents your desire to “spice up” your relationship. Maybe you think that your relationship is monotonous or stuck in a routine and you’re trying to make it exciting again. 

To dream about strawberry yogurt

Dream about eating yogurt indicates some sort of financial gain involving a woman. Maybe you invested, together with a woman, in something or a woman just gave you the advice about investing. 

To dream about strawberry juice

Strawberry juice is a symbol of a woman’s sexuality and also feminism. 

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Dreaming of a giant strawberry

An unusually big strawberry might mean that you’re too proud, even arrogant maybe when it comes to your romantic life. Your ego is ruining your relationship. 

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