Dreaming about grapes – dream meaning and interpretation

Grapes dream meaning

14 most common grapes dream interpretations

To pick grapes in your dreams

Dreaming about picking grapes means a sudden goodbye.  It is possible that you will be in a relationship that will seem perfect at first.  Everyone will comment on how beautiful you look together and you will try to be careful and understanding to your partner.  This is why you will be completely confused when your partner breaks the bad news.  This will upset you, and you will look for answers.

Dreaming about mashing grapes

If you dream about mashing grapes, this indicates you will make new friends.  You are very social and you are always on the move.  You don’t want to settle and you’ve traveled around the world even though you are very young.   You are not too needy and you easily adapt to other people which makes you very popular in the crowd.

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Dream about eating grapes

Dreaming about eating grapes implies you will have several lovers.  You have probably had a bad experience with a person you had feelings for, and this person was not completely honest with you.  Therefore you will not want to settle and allow someone to get close to you.  You will have a lot of relationships which will be a sort of coping mechanism for you and you will try to avoid another broken heart situation.

To dream about grapevine

If you see a grapevine in your dreams, this means honor.  You will be very proud of a family member who will prove it is possible to succeed with hard work and diligence and without having friends in high places.  You will want to tell everyone about the success of this person which you have greatly contributed to yourself because you always believed in this person and showed unconditional support.

To sell grapes in your dream

When you dream about selling grapes, this implies you will lose a friend.  It is possible that the person you were close with will try to avoid you in public, as this person believes you don’t fit into their social category.  You will feel this person being condescending to you and trying to underestimate everything you do.  You will be hurt with this attitude, but you will no longer be a boxing bag for this person.

Dreaming about raisins

To dream about raisins symbolizes a happy occasion.  You will probably attend a celebration thrown by your relatives or friends.  You are happy to show up at any such occasion and you enjoy the atmosphere.  Everyone knows they can count on you because wherever you show up you bring a smile and a good mood with you.

If you’re eating raisins in your dreams, this means your expenses exceed your income.  It is possible you are a part of a wealthy social group who is able to afford pretty much anything they want.  You will try to keep up but the only thing you will end up with is debt and a plethora of unnecessary things that you will never use.

To dream about being fed grapes

Dreaming about being fed grapes implies you will have a very passionate romantic encounter.  If you have a partner, it is possible your sex life is in a rut at the moment.  Probably neither of you is trying to change that, and you’re both very much unhappy about it.  Still, if you try and show your partner you care, this aspect of your life will change.  One of you will make the first step, and the results will “knock you off your feet”. People who are not in a relationship will probably have a one-night stand.

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To dream about feeding someone grapes

This dream means you intentionally set your sexual needs aside.  It is possible you are simply too tired to think about your partner in this way.  You keep hearing advice that there is no good relationship without sex every day, but you don’t believe it, because your relationship with your partner is just as good without it.  In time you will realize that intimate relationships are important for every marriage, including yours.

Dreaming about being hit with grapes

When someone throws grapes at you in a dream, it is a sign to beware of a hypocrite. In a close environment, you have a person who uses you to pursue some of their interests. Instead of staying away from him/her, you allow him/her to manipulate you. The sooner you come to terms with that fact, the less damage will result from that relationship.

To dream about yourself hitting someone with grapes

If you’re dreaming about hitting someone with grapes, this means you want to be very successful with zero effort.  Therefore you transfer your obligations to other people and you make excuses by not having the time or not knowing enough.  However, your plan will not come to fruition, as your surroundings will realize what you’re doing and you will find yourself in a situation where no one will want to help you, even when you really need that help.  You will have to put in a lot of effort and time in order to achieve your goals.

This dream interpretation may depend on whether you dreamt of red or white grapes, and whether the grapes in your dream were green, fresh, or spoiled as well.

Red grapes

Red grapes symbolize business and financial success for people who are entrepreneurs.  Probably your risky investment will eventually pay off.  If you have an employer or you are currently in between jobs, it is possible your situation will change for the better in the very near future.

White grapes

On the other hand, white grapes are a sign of minor problems.  Perhaps the obstacles that lie ahead may seem insurmountable, but they are not.  If you believe in yourself and the people around you, it’s a “smooth sale” ahead.

Green grapes

Green grapes indicate you will need a lot of patience and work to achieve your goals.  You probably were hoping your financial situation will get better fast, but this will not happen in a near future.  Yet, this is not a sign that you should quit, but to keep high hopes and work on being as best as you can be in what you are doing, and the results will definitely come.

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Rotten grapes

Spoiled (rotten) grapes mean damage.  There is a possibility that some rash moves from the past will not come to collect.  Learn from this situation and move on.  You don’t have time to cry over spilled milk.

Grape definition according to Dictionary.com

The edible, pulpy, smooth-skinned berry or fruit that grows in clusters on vines of the genus Vitis, and from which wine is made.

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