Bricks – dream meaning and interpretation

Dream of bricks

Bricks in dreams represent individual ideas, thoughts, or plans that will shape your future. Depending on the way you see or use the bricks in the dream, the dream can have different interpretation.

Brick is a building block and is usually a symbol of unity, strength, stability and synergy. Synergy is the energy of several members or substances who, when united, act stronger and more stable than when they act individually. Wondering what it means to dream of a brick? In this text, you will find out what the symbolism of the brick dream is and how to interpret the dream to yourself or others.

11 interpretations of dream about bricks

To see bricks in a dream

Dreams about bricks can have different symbolism. If you see bricks in your dream, it can be a symbol of hard work. You may have financial problems and you will have to find additional work. You are a diligent person and it will not be difficult for you. You may not have enough free time, but it will not be permanent.

Bricks are also a symbol of strength and an indicator that we can overcome all obstacles in life.

To dream that someone is carrying bricks

This dream means that you are achieving your goals very slowly. You have set very important goals, but they are being achieved very slowly, so you sometimes lose motivation and energy. Remember, it does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop. Always try to motivate yourself. Not every tree is felled with the first blow. Everything takes time. Just be persistent and do not give up and you will surely achieve your goals. 

To dream that you are carrying a brick

This dream often symbolizes a guilty conscience. You are not honest with someone and it hurts you. If you were honest, you know you would hurt a person who does not deserve it. You may not dare to tell your partner that your feelings have changed. Remember, the worst truth is better than the most beautiful lie. Free yourself and dare to be honest.

To dream that someone is throwing a brick at you

This dream symbolizes that there is an ungrateful person around you. Maybe your family members do not appreciate your effort. You give them the best you can and they constantly complain that it is not enough for them.

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To dream that you are throwing a brick at someone

If you are throwing a brick at someone in your dream, it is possible that you will hurt a loved one. You will accuse a loved one of something, you will also say something you do not mean, and in the end, it turns out you were wrong. It is important not to draw conclusions before looking at the problem as a whole. Always be calm and composed so that you do not regret the words spoken and bad deeds.

To dream about selling a brick

If you had this dream, you are afraid to lose your reputation in society. Other people’s opinions are very important to you. You have been working on a good reputation for a very long time, but you have made some wrong decisions in life. Making mistakes is an integral part of the maturation process. Remember, happiness is achieved through good judgment, experience leads us to good judgment, and experience is gained through poor judgment. So relax, your opinion should be more important to you than the opinion of others.

To dream about buying a brick

This dream symbolizes that you are trying to reach your goal in an easier and shorter way. You have started something that requires a lot of investment, time and effort, but you plan to simplify that path for yourself. That is just fine. But remember that nothing is more beautiful than the result achieved by hard work.

To dream about donating a brick

This dream may mean you are dishonest to a close person. It is probably a partner or a friend. You can not accept their flaws. You are trying to hide it, instead of admitting it to yourself and to them. You may be afraid of hurting or losing them or spoiling the image of yourself that you have been building for years.  No matter what, it would be good to admit how you feel.

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To dream that brick has fallen on your head

This dream symbolizes that you lack the creativity to accomplish an important task. Because of this, you may suffer a lack of profit. If you do not know how to proceed, it would be good to ask for help. You could get useful advice from an unexpected person.

If you dream that brick has hit someone else in the head, it means you are too negative. Failures and bad experiences have led you to this condition. There is a possibility that people avoid you because of that pessimism. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Try to become aware of that and transform pessimism into optimism. Otherwise, you could be left completely alone. 

To dream about building a brick wall

This dream symbolizes you have too many prejudices. Prejudices limit you too much in life. It is good to have your own opinion and attitude about something (or someone) provided that you have reached that conclusion by analysis or personal experience. But do not let yourself miss the beautiful things in life because of the prejudices you have.

When other people build a brick wall in your dream, you may have financial difficulties. You may have some unplanned expenses in the near future. It would be good to allocate money properly to easily solve a financial problem. If you spend too much money on unnecessary things, you may need to borrow money from a friend or a bank.

To dream about a brick house

This dream symbolizes that you set up a wall around yourself. You are afraid of being hurt again. You are trying to protect yourself, by building a wall around yourself. You do not let anyone get close to you. Probably you have been hurt in the past. But you should know that there are also good people who have good intentions. And if you give them a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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