Dreaming about bananas

Dream of a banana

Research has shown that dreams with bananas are rarely dreamed dreams. These dreams are most often dreamed of by middle-aged people. The meaning of a dream differs depending on whether they are dreamed by men or women. Bananas are usually considered a symbol of pronounced sexual activity in men.

If a woman dreams about bananas, it may mean that there is harmony and pleasure in her intimate life. Due to the specific shape, we often associate them with sexuality, but there are also other meanings of bananas in dreams.

14 interpretation of the most common dreams related to bananas

To see yellow bananas in a dream

This could mean romantic encounters in life. In general, this is a symbol of life satisfaction. Also, this is a symbol of harmony in sexual life. Someone might invite you to a birthday party or party. You may meet a person there with whom you will have sexual intercourse.

To dream about eating a banana

When you have a dream like this, it is a really good sign. It is often a symbol of joy. You might be pretty successful in the coming days. You will find enough time for everything. You will be successful both privately and in business. You will spend a lot of time with your friends and family. You will be really satisfied and happy. No circumstances will be able to upset you. At work, you will be more productive than before. You will be more relaxed in performing your duties. This attitude will bring you great business results.

To dream that someone else is eating a banana

This dream may mean that you will hear good news. You may have a casual flirtation with someone. Sometimes, this dream can mean that your job takes a lot of energy and that you are really exhausted.

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To dream about overripe bananas (dark, ruined)

This dream is not a very good sign. It usually symbolizes insufficient health care. You need to eat healthier. Your unhealthy habits need to change. Because of your extra weight, you will be dissatisfied. You will want to look good in your favorite clothes again. To reach that goal, you need to eat more fruit, drink more water and eliminate sweets and fatty food.

To dream about green bananas

The green color often symbolizes that the time has not come to fulfill your desires. You are not ready yet. Wait for the right time. This dream can also mean a new job or romantic relationship in your life.

To peel a banana in your dream

This is not a good sign. You are dissatisfied with your intimate life. This dream is also a warning that you need to pay more attention to your health. Ask yourself if you eat all the necessary food.

To pick bananas in your dream

This is a very rare dream. You may experience a reversal in your love affair. Basically, this is a very positive dream. It can also refer to business issues. Your effort will soon pay off. You will have a very successful business future.

Banana cake

This dream has a very positive meaning. You may have some great celebration soon. Also, this dream means that you may be longing for the forbidden fruit. Think twice before taking an action.

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To mash a banana in your dream

This kind of dream can symbolize sexual frustration. It also symbolizes that you want to change something in your life.

To buy bananas

You are completely dissatisfied with your sexual life. The passion between your partner and you is lost. Each of you thinks only of your own pleasure. No one is willing to compromise. This kind of relationship is not healthy. You have to change to bring back the old passion. If you want to continue the relationship, you have to pay more attention to it and find more time for a loved person. This dream can also represent an emotional crisis. You lack attention and love. You would do anything to be with someone.

To sell bananas

If you have dreamed a dream like this, it is possible that you are constantly thinking about the forbidden person.  If you are married or in an emotional relationship, this could be a problem. Your partner will notice your absence. Work more on the existing relationship.

If you were selling beautiful, green bananas, in your dream, you have a good period ahead of you for new acquaintances- make sure you go out and be with friends as much as possible. 

To donate bananas

This dream may mean that you have a fear of emotional attachment. You may have been hurt in the past, so you are scared. You include feelings very rarely. Your partner is sometimes afraid of your indifference, but he loves you too much to leave you for it.

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To get bananas as a gift

If a person you know gave you a banana, you may be in love with that person, you consider that person more than a friend. If your partner gave you a banana in your dream, it is a sign that you love your partner and you are afraid of losing your partner.

If a stranger gave you a banana in your dream, you may want to change your partner. You may want to experience a new sexual adventure.

To grow bananas

This dream symbolizes that you are very tired and exhausted. You have had a very difficult period in your life. You may have had poor communication with your partner. You may have put a lot of effort into a business or project. You need to take more care of yourself and your needs. If you are exhausted, you can not make the right decisions. Take more care of your mental health.

If someone else grows bananas in your dream, a friend or an acquaintance will ask you for advice. You may not have much experience, but you will give that person a piece of very honest advice. You will be pleased to know that this person has a lot of confidence in you and considers you a reliable friend.

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