Tiger – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming of tigers

What does it mean to dream about tigers? 

Dreams about tigers are usually not positive and represent some problems or obstacles you’re having in your waking life. Tigers are predator animals that instill fear in anyone that encounters them. Such dreams might represent your fears or you running away from problems that you find dangerous. 

19 interpretations of dreams about tigers

Dream about being attacked by a tiger

Dreaming about being attacked by a tiger is usually a very bad sign and might indicate you’re about to have some unexpected and difficult problems in your immediate future. Those problems might cause you feeling of inadequacy and might even cause you some long-term health problems. 

However, if you managed to defend yourself from the tiger then the dream could symbolize you overcoming any problems that come your way.

Dream about a tiger roaring

Having such a dream might represent a sense of urgency when it comes to your work obligations. It would be wise to try and fulfill all your work requirements before you get in trouble with your superiors. 

Dream about a tiger roaring at you

For men, this dream might represent some obstacles you will encounter or your way to success. For women, this dream should be interpreted as a warning to take more care of your family’s health, and might even foretell that your child is about to get sick.

Dream about a caged tiger

Dreams involving a tiger in its cage is usually a good sign. It symbolizes overcoming all your difficulties on the road to success. You have successfully solved every problem you encountered and proven to your peers that you’re a competent person that others can rely on. 

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Dream about looking at a tiger

Dreaming about staring directly at the tiger should be considered as a warning from your subconscious mind. It’s possible that someone is trying to mess up your plans or ruin your reputation somehow. It would be wise to think carefully about who could it be and try to prevent it before they do any serious damage.

Another interpretation could be that you’re currently negotiating some sort of a deal with some very important and powerful people and those people are manifested by the tiger.

Dream about an aggressive tiger

If you dreamt about an aggressive tiger that could mean that you did something to anger your superiors. It could be your bosses at work or your parents. 

Dream about petting a tiger

A dream where you were petting a tiger might be a representation of you being a people pleaser. You usually succumb to other and their wishes and demands. Most of the time that could be a good thing, especially if it’s helping you career-wise, but try not to be a push-over because people will try to take advantage of that. 

Dream about tiger skin

Dreaming about a tiger’s skin might indicate that you’re about to have a very passionate and sexual experience. 

Dream about a tiger running away

This dream is usually a good sign and represents you overcoming and dealing with all of your problems. You will manage to defeat your “enemies” and rivals and come out victorious. No one will question your superiority or your capabilities for a very long time. 

Dream about a tiger resting

A tiger resting could be interpreted as that you’re in for a stable and peaceful period without any turmoil. Your private life and your career won’t have any unexpected inconveniences. 

Dream about hunting a tiger

Hunting a tiger might foretell some unexpected, lucrative business offer you’re about to get. It will come from a former associate you parted ways with a long time ago, but he remembers your resolve and your passion for your line of work. 

Dream about a tiger raging

A dream where you encountered a raging tiger might indicate that you’re about have a conflict or an argument with someone whom you considered a close friend. Someone very close to you is about to do something that will anger you and disappoint you at the same time. 

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Dream about killing a tiger

Dreaming about killing a tiger, who was getting ready to attack you, is considered a good sign. A series of fortunate events will help you achieve your goals and gain the respect of your colleagues and family. 

Dream about being attacked by a tiger

This dream is a reflection of your fears that some situations will have a bad outcome or your fear of being physically attacked.

Dream about confronting a tiger

Confronting a tiger, in your dream, is a sign that you’re ready to face every problem you encounter, and that you are not afraid to take on any challenge that comes your way. 

Dream about a tiger running towards you

This dream is usually a bad sign and foretells some trouble and problems in your immediate future. 

Dream about catching a tiger

Such a dream has a negative meaning and could mean that someone very close to you is about to betray you. 

Dream about fighting a tiger

Fighting a tiger, similar to the dream about confronting a tiger, means you’re up for every challenge you encounter. 

Dream about someone fighting a tiger

A dream like this symbolizes your warm nature and your tendencies to help everyone who requires help.  

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