To dream about a bull – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming about a bull

What does it mean to dream about a bull?

Dreaming about a bull doesn’t happen that often, but when it does happen it could have various meanings. A bull is a very powerful symbol in many cultures around the world because of its immense strength and stubbornness. These dreams speak about your personality and emotional state. 

9 interpretations of dreams about a bull

To dream about a black bull

Dreaming of a black bull is usually a bad sign. This dream might be a sign of turbulent times ahead. Be careful that your reckless behavior doesn’t lead to a worsening of your personal relationships. 

This dream might also be a warning to be careful around people who you consider aggressive and confrontational. 

To dream about a white bull

This dream talks about your enthusiasm and determination in accomplishing your goals and dreams. When you set your mind to something it’s impossible to stop you. Your resolve remains the same even after facing many obstacles in your path. Dreams about a white bull are a symbol that your endurance will eventually bring you great success. 

Being attacked by a bull

Dreaming about an aggressive bull is a foresing of upcoming problems. Tis dream can imply that you will have smaller financial problem or an emotional crisis. Even though you’re having a rough patch, be careful not to get depressed and ask for help if you feel that you can’t solve your problems alone. 

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Dream about an old bull with big horns

This dream might refer to you feeling you’re getting older and slower. A dream like this might also represent a sense of danger because you feel like you don’t have the strength to defend yourself or your close ones anymore. You don’t feel young anymore and you’re easily annoyed with every little problem you encounter. 

Dream about a bull running

This dream could represent your aggressive nature. You probably have a short fuse and it would be wise to find a way to calm yourself down before you find yourself in a situation where being aggressive is only going to make things worse.

To dream about a bull and cows

Bulls and cows are considered a symbol of fertility in different cultures around the world. To have such a dream might be a sign of your feelings and your sexual desire. Maybe you’re trying to start a new romantic relationship with someone you like for a very long time. 

Dreaming about a herd of bulls

Dreams about a herd of bulls are usually a sign of positive things. If the bulls were calm in your dream it’s a sign of an upcoming peaceful period in your life. Some difficulties you’re having right now will soon be resolved and you will enjoy a long harmonious period. A good-tempered bull is a sign of prosperity, wealth, and happiness. 

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Dream about a sacrificial bull

Dreaming about someone sacrificing a bull might represent you losing your motivation or having a lack of enthusiasm. Maybe you’ve given up on a lot of things, you’re not trying to accomplish your dreams anymore. You feel like there is nothing in your life that’s worthy of all the hard work you’re putting into it. 

It’s possible you experienced a series of failures and now you’ve lost all your will to do anything about it. Instead of giving up, it would be wise that you seek some help with your problems and just keep up the hard work, eventually, it will pay off. 

To dream about riding a bull

Dream about riding a bull is a good omen. This dream might be telling you that your life is very stable at this moment and might stay like that for a very long time. You’re just where you wanted to be at this point of your life, all the decisions you’ve made and all the hard work have paid off. 

Definition of bull according to

the male of a bovine animal, especially of the genus Bos, with sexual organs intact and capable of reproduction.

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