To dream about a hat – dream interpretation

Dreams about hats

What does it mean to dream about a hat?

Dreams about hats aren’t that common but mostly they symbolize your moral and life energy, as well as courage and self-confidence. Having dreams about hats might mean you are regaining your self-confidence by overcoming some obstacles.

17 interpretations of dreams about a hat

Dream about wearing a hat

Dreaming about wearing a hat might indicate you’re trying to hide a part of your personality from others. You’re just trying to show a part of your true self to someone because you feel they will accept you easier. 

Dream about a new hat

Dreaming about a new hat represents your desire to make some changes about your life, nothing but major but enough to improve your life. You’re ready to take on some new responsibilities. 

Dream about an old hat

Seeing an old hat in your dreams might indicate that something in your life has served its purpose and it’s time to move on. Maybe it is time to think about some other career option, maybe your current relationship isn’t going anywhere or maybe your life isn’t going like you were planning. 

Dream about a small hat

Having such a dream might foretell some disappointment in your immediate future. Maybe you were hoping of getting a promotion at work, sadly it will not work out. 

Dream about a big hat

Such a dream might represent you getting into a situation that’s way over your head. You’re involved in something that you have no control over and might be feeling helpless. It would be wise to set yourself some more realistic goals and take them step by step.

Dream about changing hats

Changing hats in your dreams is a representation of you being a person who can easily balance your work and personal life. You are a person who has full control over your life and nothing is too hard or difficult when it comes to your job or family responsibilities. 

However, if the dreams left you with a feeling of anxiety, it’s possible you’re feeling over-stretched between all your obligations and you have a great burden on you. 

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Can’t decide what hat to wear

This dream could indicate you’re on the verge of making some major decision that could change your life forever and you’re not sure which way to take. It’s also possible that someone is forcing you into making a decision you’re not comfortable with. 

Dream about taking off a hat

A dream like this is telling you that someone in your life deserves great respect from you. It’s possible that a friend or someone from your family has helped you when you needed it most and you should be very, very grateful. Another interpretation could be that taking the hat off symbolizes you being ready to reveal yourself completely to someone.

Dream about losing a hat

Dreaming about losing your hat might indicate and foretell some financial loss or possibly a failure at work. Such a dream might also be telling you that you’ve lost something of great value.

A hat being blown away

If in your dream, the wind blew your hat away then the dream symbolizes some major change that’s happening in your life.

Dream about an elegant hat

This dream might reflect your desire to be popular and could also represent your need for attention or admiration. 

Also, check the symbolism of dreams about heels.

Dream about a bunch of hats

Seeing a lot of hats in your dream might indicate that you have a wide range of choices for a possible career and you’re not sure what to choose. 

Dream about something being in your hat

This dream might be a foretell that something bad is going to happen to you, but fortunately, it will not have any long-term consequences and you will learn a lot from that experience.

Dream about buying a hat

Buying a hat could be interpreted as you being ready to do jobs or taking some responsibilities that no one else wants to. 

Dream about selling a hat

Such a dream is telling you that you might transfer a part of your responsibilities to someone else.

Dream about taking a hat from someone

A dream where you took someone’s hat might mean you’re about to help someone with their problems.

Dream about giving your hat to someone

This dream might foretell you asking for help from someone. 

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