Dream about a flag

Dreaming of flags

Dreams about a flag usually symbolize belonging to a group and represent a sense of unity and you identify with that particular group. Flags also symbolize leaders, countries, governments, justice, and knowledge. Flags that don’t represent countries but ideas and movements of some sort might indicate your belief in them and symbolize your loyalty to the cause. 

11 interpretations of dreams about flags

Dream about a flag

Dream about a flag with no particular motif is a representation of you looking for a place of belonging. Such a dream symbolizes your wish to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Dream about carrying a flag

Carrying a flag, in your dream, indicates that your love life is about to take a step further. Therefore, it might even represent a proposal or a marriage.

Dream about waving a flag

This dream could be interpreted as a warning sign. Waving a white flag could mean your surrender to some problems and struggles you’re having, you just don’t see a way to solve them and you’re ready to give up. If the flag was red it might represent some dangerous times ahead. Waving a red flag might be a warning to stop what you’re doing before you encounter some serious problems. 

Dream about taking someone’s flag

This dream might indicate you replacing someone at your work or in your personal life. Maybe someone is about to get fired and you’re going to take their job. Also, it’s possible you will replace your current partner with someone new. 

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Dream about someone giving you a flag

A dream where you were passed on a flag represents a sign of great respect you’re getting from your colleagues and family. They think you’re a reliable person and possibly a future leader. 

Dream about a flag of some country

Dreams where you see either the flag of your country or some other country are interpreted depending on your feelings of that particular country. Dreaming about the flag of your own country could represent pride and loyalty to your country. Seeing a foreign flag of a friendly country represents friendship. And dreaming about a foreign flag of an unfriendly country might represent a sense of endangerment and feeling threatened by them somehow. 

Dream about a pirate flag

This dream could be interpreted as a warning and a foretell of some dangerous times ahead. Maybe you or someone close to you is about to find themselves in a dangerous situation. 

Dream about a red flag

Dreams like this are usually not a good sign and might represent a female person in your immediate surroundings who is pretending to be something they’re not. You should be careful and think about who could it be and try to avoid them completely before they cause you any problems.

A red flag could also reflect your stubbornness and your refusal to change your opinions and stances about things that are clearly wrong. You won’t take anyone’s advice and are refusing to be helped in any way. Might be a good thing to reconsider some of your life choices before your friends and family distance themselves from you. 

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Dream about a white flag

A white flag is a universal sign of surrender. Dreaming about it could mean that you’ve given up on some of your projects or maybe some dreams you were having and are now accepting reality. A white flag could also represent your loyalty to some cause or a movement that you feel is just and morally right. 

White flag for women could also symbolize innocence, but could represent jealousy as well. So a dream about a white flag could also mean that you or someone close to you is a very jealous person. 

Dream about a black flag

Dreaming about a black flag is usually not a good sign and might foretell some upcoming problems you’re about to have. These problems might be caused by some educated people in your immediate surroundings. 

Dream about a mast for a flag

Dreams about a mast are usually positive and represent you being surrounded by people who love you and people who sincerely wish you well. You can rely on your friends and family and make sure that you’re always there for them when they need you. 

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