Dreaming of teeth 

Dreams about teeth

Dreams about our teeth usually have to do with communication. Any dream, where the focus was on the mouth (lips, teeth, mouth, throat) represents the things we’re saying or what we want to say. 

What does it mean to dream of teeth?

One of the most frequent nightmares is about teeth falling out, breaking, or chipping. Dreams like this can be extremely frightening, dream about your teeth falling out one by one or turning to dust in your hands, etc. No matter what was happening to your teeth these dreams cause you sickness and discomfort. 

9 interpretations of teeth in your dreams

To dream about your teeth chipping and breaking

A dream like this could be a sign of your inability to express yourself. This dream usually occurs after you’ve had an argument, in your real life, that was devastating to you. You’re feeling you weren’t allowed to properly express yourself and because of that, you were misunderstood. 

Dreaming of your teeth falling out one by one

Prior to having this dream, it’s possible you’ve had a conversation with someone, and you told them some things you were holding in for a very long time. Some people just don’t know when to stop, and it’s extremely hard for them to just stop talking. If you’re having these dreams often, it might be best to look for some help with dealing with this problem before it’s too late. Of course, this dream doesn’t always mean that you have a real problem, it could also mean that at some point you told something you didn’t really mean because of your anger. It’s best to think twice before saying anything at all. 

Dream about losing several teeth

This dream might refer to you saying something unkind to people who didn’t deserve it. Try to think what could it be, and apologize to the person or people you said it to before it’s too late to have a good relationship with them. 

Teeth getting crooked and sticking out

If something like this was about to happen to you in real life it would significantly affect your physical appearance. In these dreams, besides the crooked teeth, the most common symbol to appear is a mirror. It might be, that in your dream, you were looking at your reflection and something weird was happening with your face. This dream might represent your fears and anxiety about how other people perceive you. Also, deformed teeth can also represent some lie you recently told. 

Interpretations of dreams about being sick.

Bad rotting teeth

Bad teeth usually have who interpretations. Primarily it could represent some old argument that happened in your past, or some repressed anger you’re having trouble getting rid of. Another possible interpretation could be that you’re feeling guilty because of something you did, and now it’s manifesting through rotten teeth in your dreams. There is really something rotten. 

Dreaming about broken teeth

This dream is usually a representation of something else in your life that is, figuratively said, broken. This dream is a warning to pay close attention to what’s happening with your life and try to repair the situation before it goes too far. 

Dreaming about prosthetic teeth

Prosthetic teeth are a symbol do lying and deception. It’s possible you’re trying to cover something up, or you’re simply wearing a “mask” in front of other people not showing them who you really are. Think about your behavior lately because maybe you’ve done or said something that could be considered bad. 

Dream about growing new teeth

A dream where your teeth have fallen out and now you’re growing new ones can represent a sort of regression – you’ve finished one cycle but you’re not going forward, instead, you’re going back and doing it all over again. This dream might also to a feeling of inferiority that can, later on, lead you to depression. You feel like someone is questioning your maturity and your ability to behave as a rational and responsible person. 

Dreaming about healthy, white teeth 

Dream about healthy teeth could represent that you have great confidence in yourself and that you’ve recently accomplished a great task. 

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