Dreaming about birds – dream explanation

Dreams of birds

Birds in a dream can symbolize our desires and hopes, but also our goals and our fears. They could also reveal some of the circumstances we are currently experiencing in life. Birds also symbolize spirituality. They are a sign of spiritual development and progress. Dream symbolism of birds is freedom, harmony, love, adventure, excitement, peace, balance and joy.

Birds are usually a good sign in dreams, but the overall meaning depends on the circumstances of the dream and the bird you dreamed of. Birds in dreams could also represent a divine message. Birds are messengers and could announce the receipt of some good news. To fully understand your dream, check our dream interpretation.

12 interpretation of dreams about birds

Dreaming of a flock of birds

A dream about a flock of birds means that you will receive intentional or unintentional signs from others to help them solve their problems. A flock of birds is also associated with transformation. If the birds fly freely in the sky, it is an indicator that you are looking forward to the upcoming changes. This dream may also indicate that you are supported by others. Sometimes this dream announces good news. That dream can also reveal your desire to rest and retreat.

To dream that birds are flying

It is a positive sign if you dream of a bird flying towards you. Such dreams mostly symbolize success, achievements and wealth. However, if the bird flew away from you, it symbolizes missed opportunities and accidents. A dream in which birds fly around you means that you are free to choose your life path. Now is the time to do what you have always longed for.

Through this dream, the universe sends you messages to make the most of the present and work on your greatest aspirations. Most likely, nothing will stand in your way, if you are determined. If the birds were flying indoors in your dream, that usually reveals your desire for freedom and independence.

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To dream that a bird cannot fly

Birds were created to fly and conquer the sky. So, if you dream of a bird that cannot fly, expect some negativity to happen soon. You can get into unforeseen trouble. If this happens, it could affect your life and career. To be precise, this particular issue can disrupt some aspects of your life.

Dream of many birds

If you dreamed of seeing many birds, that dream can symbolize a period of happiness and prosperity for you and your family.

To dream that birds are fighting

If you dreamed that two or more birds were fighting among themselves, that dream symbolizes the upcoming conflict between you and someone. It can be with your loved ones, parents or siblings. This dream advises you to be patient and to solve the conflict in a logical and peaceful way, without letting emotions overwhelm you.

Dream that a bird attacks you

If a bird attacked you in a dream, it could mean that you are in conflict with someone in your life. It can also mean that you are in conflict with your spiritual side. On the other hand, a bird that attacks you in a dream can also symbolize unresolved obligations that plague your subconscious.

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Dreaming of hunting birds

If you dreamed of hunting birds, that dream means that you will suffer financial losses in the near future. Avoid spending time with people you don’t trust.  You could fall victim to some unfortunate situations and it is best to stay away from people you cannot rely on. This dream can also mean that you will make a profit from a business contract.

Dream of catching a bird

If you dreamed of catching a bird, that dream symbolizes happiness and immediate achievements in the near future. Try to remember where and how you caught the bird. If it was in your house, you will probably renew your friendship with an old friend. If you catch a bird by the tail, you will have a successful career. All in all, catching birds in your sleep is a good sign, and the more birds you catch, the happier you will be. In case you caught the bird with your bare hands, it means that the series of great events will last longer than you could even imagine.

Dreaming of an injured bird

This dream can mean that you feel helpless because of your current condition. You may be stuck and not progressing as much as you try. Because of that, you may feel demotivated, without interest and enthusiasm to continue. The difficulties you face can be a consequence of your conflict with close people. Instead of keeping your emotions locked away, sit down and talk to the person in question.

This dream advises you to do it as soon as possible. You will feel quite anxious until you solve the problem. If you dreamed of a weak or injured bird, that dream is not a good sign and it could also indicate conflicts with some enemies. This dream can also indicate problems in communication or the inability to express one’s opinion.

Dream of feeding the birds

In general, feeding birds in a dream symbolizes support and encouragement. You may be motivated to achieve freedom and independence. It can also mean helping, inspiring and providing solutions to others to help overcome their problems. You are a natural giver and like to share things with others. The universe encourages you not to change because, in due course, you could receive many blessings and rewards for your charity.

With that in mind, the interpretation of a dream can change for the worse depending on the type of bird. If you have fed a bird like a crow or a vulture, that dream means encouraging yourself or others to do negative things by feeding toxic ideas and solutions.

Dream of birds flying above you

If you dreamed of birds flying over your head, it is usually a good sign. This dream could indicate your success in dealing with enemies.

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Dream of flying with birds

If you dreamed of flying with birds, that dream may indicate financial gain or the acquisition of financial freedom.

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