Dreaming of a raven

Dream of raven

It is widely believed that dreams of ravens symbolize misfortune, failure or grief. However, it doesn´t always have to be the case. The interpretation of such dreams depends on the context in which they take place, and the details and feelings that accompany them. During dreams with a raven motif, you can feel concerned, fear, anxiety or anguish, and less often joy, relief and excitement.

To dream about a raven

If you see a raven in a dream, expect good news. You may finally be invited for a job interview that you applied for a long time ago. You will do your best to leave a good impression because it is a place in a promising company where you could gain significant experience and progress very quickly.

Dreaming of a dead raven

If you see a dead raven in a dream, it implies that the injustice done to you will be corrected. It is possible that your partner, friend or boss blamed you for something you did not do and that insulted you. You knew that he would soon realize that he was wrong, but you will no longer be sure that you want to be in contact with someone who knows you so little and for whom your word is not enough to remove all doubts.

Hear a raven in a dream

When you dream of hearing a raven, it indicates that you are brave in the imposed fight. You will realize that the true values ​​you have always stood for, are not enough to succeed in a world where only the strongest survive. That is why you´ll be forced to gather strength and stand up for your goals if you do not want them to belong to someone else.

To dream of ravens flying around the house

To dream of a raven flying around the house symbolizes sad news. It is likely that, after a serious illness, a family member or acquaintance will die. Although you were not overly close, you will respect all customs and give him / her mail as custom requires.

Fear the raven in your sleep

When you dream that you have scared a raven, it implies that you will discover a scam. It is possible that you will be one step away from contracting a job that would bring your company a big profit, and you the bonuses and admiration of everyone you work with. However, this will seem too good to be true, so you will re-examine each item and come up with the right information about the people who introduced themselves to you as serious businessmen.

Dreaming of a raven on the roof

Dreaming of a raven on the roof indicates that the family depends on you. Your day lasts 24 hours with a couple of short breaks during which you catch the opportunity to eat or sleep. It can be said that you experience work as a vacation because at home you have to complete all obligations, including caring for family members who see the greatest support in you.

To dream that a raven is flying over your head

If you see a raven flying over your head, it means that you should do what makes you happy more often. True, in life we ​​often have to do what we don’t like, because that’s just the way it is, but maybe you should dedicate more free time to things you enjoy. If it’s a hobby, a walk, or a run, make sure it becomes your daily routine. You will be more fulfilled and satisfied in life.

To dream of a flock of ravens

A dream in which you see a flock of ravens symbolizes career advancement. You will soon receive a salary increase or promotion that you have been dreaming about for a long time. The employer will understand how much it means to him that he has you in his team, and he will do his best to provide you with the best possible working conditions. If you are satisfied with your job and the treatment you have in the company, after all this, it will not even occur to you to look for another job.

To dream of shooting a raven

If in a dream you are trying to shoot a raven with a rifle or a pistol, it is possible that you have lost confidence in your partner. He probably did something you didn’t like or he/she made a decision before consulting with you. This will greatly shake your relationship, but if you want to keep it for yourself, don’t sulk too much.

See the wounded raven in a dream

If you see a wounded raven in a dream, it means that you will find yourself in danger because you are being naive. Someone will try to persuade you to do something that is against your beliefs. Considering that you always “fall” for sweet talk, this time you will do the same and put yourself in a very awkward position. It’s time to start learning from your mistakes.

See raven feathers in a dream

When you see only raven’s feathers in a dream, and not the bird itself, it implies that you doubt someone who is very close to you. There is a person you have trusted the most, because you felt that you would never be betrayed. However, lately you have started to doubt him / her. If it is a friend of the opposite sex, it is possible that he fell in love with you without you even noticing.

To dream of a three-eyed raven

If you see a raven with three eyes in a dream, it means that you lack experience and wisdom in order to make right decisions. You are not yet ready for the next phase of your life, so the fact that you are at a turning point creates additional pressure. This is especially true for young people who want to become independent, get married, or become parents.

Dreaming of talking to a raven

Although rare, research shows that this type of dreams has something to do with healing. If someone in your family is in poor health, there is a possibility that his health condition will improve a lot in the coming period. The same goes for an acquaintance or a friend whose health you are worried about. If you talk to a raven in your sleep, there is a good chance that you will hear good news.

To dream that someone else is talking to a raven

If in a dream you see and hear someone talking to a raven, it means that you will be surprised and shocked by the information you will receive, which relates to a close person. You may find out that a close friend has a mistress or that he / she has decided to leave a long-term partner. No matter how much you need to tell it to someone else, try to keep that secret to yourself. Don’t spread gossip because you wouldn’t want someone else to gossip about your either.

The meaning of a dream can be simpler. If you’ve seen a raven recently, it must have made an impression on you.

Definition of raven according to merriam-webster.com

a large, glossy-black bird (Corvus corax) that is widely distributed in northern parts of the northern hemisphere but now rare in most areas of the eastern and central U.S. and that differs from the closely related common crow chiefly in its larger size and wedge-shaped tail and in having the feathers of the throat narrow and pointed resulting in a shaggy appearance

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