Dreaming of an eagle – dream meaning and interpretation

To dream about an eagle

What does it mean to dream about an eagle?

Dreams with eagles are very rare.  To dream about eagles can have various meanings. Those dreams can be both positive and negative, and their interpretation depends on the context and actions of eagles in your dreams.  Here you can see some interpretations of dreams about eagles…

To see an eagle standing in your dreams

If you dream about an eagle, this means you are much valued by your surroundings.  You are an intelligent and educated person who acts according to the situation and circumstances.  Everyone is admiring you and they are very happy when you have time to talk to them.  This benefits you too, as you like to share experiences and learn about new and useful things.

Dreaming about an eagle flying

If you see a flying eagle in your dreams, this symbolizes freedom.  You are someone who does not attach to material possessions, but instead you try to invest into your education, family and friends.  You know that what things you know about will never be taken from you, and thus you only pretend to listen when people try to persuade you into believing into things you don’t believe in.

To dream you’re an eagle

There are no limits for you.  You achieve everything you put your mind to.  You need to invest time in bigger projects and things that will pay off in the long run

Eagles’ nest

Dreaming about an eagles’ nest means financial gain.  If there are baby birds in the nest, the dream means the family will be blessed with a new member.  If an eagle is in the nest, you are being appreciated by your family.

Dreaming about catching an eagle

If in your dreams you catch an eagle, this symbolizes anger.  It is possible you may hold a grudge to your parents because they are trying to control, and stop you from doing whatever makes you happy.  Even though they are doing this with the best possible intentions in mind, you will not appreciate them for treating you like you are a child unable to make decisions on their own.

To dream you were caught by an eagle

Your career is in the hands of a powerful person.  You are not in control, and the series of decisions you made lead to this  point.

To dream you have killed an eagle

When you kill an eagle in your dreams, this is a warning of damages lying ahead.  You will probably mistreat someone and this will backfire in a very unexpected way.  You are a very self indulgent person and you do not care much for other peoples’ feelings.  However, what you give to others will be returned to you from a person you’ve invested a lot in.

Dreaming about a sick eagle

When you dream about a sick eagle, this means illness lies ahead.  It may be that you are overburdened with work and daily problems which will make you neglect yourself and start indulging in vices like tobacco or sugar. You will have to constantly do something with your hands in order to control and calm yourself down..

Dreams of an eagle attacking you

A very powerful person does not like you.  You were probably arrogant and selfish, maybe you have said something you shouldn’t have..

White eagle in dreams

You are very appreciated by elderly people.

Dreaming of a black eagle

You are very appreciated by young people.

To dream about a colorful eagle

Everybody around you appreciates you.

Dreaming about an eagle hunting

If in your dreams you see an eagle hunting, this dream symbolizes a business opportunity.  You will have a chance to find, change or improve your business.

To dream about an eagle holding a prey in claws

Dreaming about an eagle holding a prey in claws can be interpreted in several ways…  If an eagle caught a fish, this is financial gain, if an eagle caught a rodent, this means financial stability, if an eagle holds a twig or clothes this means expenses.

The meaning of the dream can be explained in a simpler way.  If you have seen an eagle flying or in the woods, this must have left an impression on you.

Definition of eagle according to merriam-webster.com

Any of various large diurnal birds of prey (family Accipitridae) noted for their strength, size, keenness of vision, and powers of flight.

Various images of eagles

12 thoughts on “Dreaming of an eagle – dream meaning and interpretation

  1. In my dream, I stabbed an eagle with a pitchfork which I think is my subconscious telling me to become a communist.

  2. I had a dream where there was an enormous eagle standing upright in an arch with a forest around it. To the left when looking at the large eagle in the branches of the trees there were 2 or 3 eagles sitting looking back over their shoulders the forest was very dark and thick. It was a very vivid dream. Idk the meaning

  3. I had a dream of two eagle one was a baby and they were flying above me and then the mama eagle come flying towards me and tries to take my gold chain. That when I woke up.

    Not sure of the meaning. Can someone help?

  4. I dreamed that I was standing on a mountain and mentally talking to the largest eagle that I ever saw and then I flew off the mountain and joined the eagle in flight side by side flying.

  5. Dream about an eagle standing in the street, near me than suddenly burst into flames and quickly extinguished itself and flew off unharmed

  6. I dreamt of controlling more than one eagle… I just need to raise a hand and they are at my beck and call please what’s the interpretation of this dream.

  7. I dream of the Eagles flying from the sea and coming to leave his footprint on hand. Please what does it means?

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