Meaning of the dreams about seagulls

Dreaming of a seagull

Although dreams about birds are as common as the dreams about other animals, dreaming about seagulls in specific is not that common at all. Interpretations and meanings of those dreams may vary depending of the situation in witch dream occurred as well as the specific details of that dream.

12 Interpretations of dreams involving seagulls

Dreaming of seagulls

If you are married, this dream symbolizes a sad parting. It is very possible that you will continue on your own through life. You thought the marriage would last a lifetime, later you realized that your plans and desires for the future are different.

If you are single, this dream means happiness in love and a successful love period. You always had the desire to meet your soulmate. You would rather choose solitude, than a love affair with anyone. In the following period, you will meet a person who will appreciate your qualities.

To dream of a flying seagull

This dream is a very good sign. You’ll be extremely lucky in the coming period. Surely, you will have a calm and pleasant period of life. Your life will improve on a private and business level. Therefore, you will shine and you will be very happy and fulfilled. Your good mood will affect your surroundings.

Dream of a falling seagull meaning

If you are in a long relationship or marriage, this dream symbolizes you may fall in love with the forbidden person. You will meet someone for whom you will be able to end a marriage or relationship. There is a high probability that this person is not as valuable as you imagined. You will surely repent, if you continue that forbidden relationship. It is best to observe that person realistically and stop idealizing that person. You will soon realize that you should not disturb the comfort and stability of the existing relationship for transient satisfaction.

Dreams of a flock of seagulls

This dream has a very positive meaning and it relates to business matters. You will have a very successful business period.

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Interpretation of a dream of a seagull with a fish in its beak

Dream like this has no positive meaning. It is a symbol of bad news. You may hear that your partner is cheating on you. Do not believe everything you hear. There are people who take pleasure in spreading gossip. Talk to your partner honestly. Do not let some people’s bad intentions ruin your relationship. Honesty is the basis of any relationship. With an honest approach, you will both allow your relationship to last.

Dreaming of a wounded seagull

This kind of a dream is a warning to you. Be careful. It may happen that your loved one will break your heart. The consequence will be that you will begin to doubt the words and deeds of your loved one. Do not stop believing in love because of the wrong person. After rain, there is a rainbow, after a storm, there is calm, after every dark night comes a glorious morning, after an end comes a new beginning.

To hear a seagull in a dream

Dreaming of this is a symbol and indicator of some secret. Your loved ones are hiding something from you. They do not want to hurt you. If you still want to know, ask them, but be prepared for the painful truth.

Dream in witch a seagull has attacked you

Such a dream is not always a good sign. It has no positive meaning. In the coming period, you will face a problem it is difficult to solve. But remember, every problem is solvable, even though you can not see it right now. Thanks to your friends and family, you will overcome that problem. Everything in life happens for a reason and for your good. Stay optimistic.

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To dream that a seagull has attacked someone else

Dream like this symbolizes that your friend will be in trouble. You do not know what advice to give. This situation is unknown to you, so you do not know how to behave. Your advice is not as important as your support. A true friend is one who is sitting by your side, when you need a shoulder to cry on. Support your friend and your friend will never forget it.

Meaning of the dream of a dead seagull

Such kind of a dream is not usually a good sign. These dreams may predict a long- term separation from your friends.

The dream is also a symbol of your mental state. You are hypersensitive and therefore you often make wrong decisions. This time listen to your intellect, not emotions. If you do not see the future of your current relationship, you should not stay together.

To kill a seagull meaning

This dream foretells worries and problems. You are facing a difficult period in life. You have a bad relationship with your family and partner. You are mentally overwhelmed. You have to relax, sort out your thoughts and emotions. It is just a bad period. Despite all this, you are a mentally strong person and you will not let worries defeat you. This time you will learn a very important life lesson.

Dreams of someone else killing a seagull

These dreams symbolize the bad consequences of your decisions. This may be related to work or college issues. You had to make a decision and you made the worst possible decision. But it is not worth crying over something that is already done. Happiness is achieved through good judgement, experience leads us to good judgement and experience is usually gained through poor judgement. So keep going despite the bad decision you have recently made.

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