Dreaming about Apricots – interpretation and symbolism

Apricot is a very tasty fruit, golden in color, and had a pleasant aroma. It is a sensitive plant and it should be treated carefully and gently. If you dreamed of big apricots you can be at peace because pleasure and good things await you. If you see apricots in a dream, it symbolizes prosperity. Behind you is a very successful period during which you have achieved many unplanned goals. You allowed yourself to relax and enjoy what you are doing so the results were not lacking either. You notice that you are in a good mood and satisfied with your life. 

11 interpretations of dreams about apricots

Dream of eating apricots

According to the dream dictionary, if you dream of eating apricots, it indicates that you are picky. You are at a great stage in your life and you should decide wisely what kind of person you want to start a serious relationship with. You have many criteria that your partner would have to meet and you do not plan to give them up just out of fear of being left alone.

To dream of collecting rotten apricots

When you pick rotten apricots in your dream, it implies that the effort you are putting into something will not pay off. It is possible that you will start a business that used to be just a hobby or a way for you to spend your free time. However, you will have more obstacles and problems along the way than progress, so you will not be able to count on profit, at least in the near future.

To dream of buying apricots

If you dream of buying apricots, it means that you have sincere friends by your side who enrich your life and make you a better person. You can always rely on them, share your success, joy and happiness with them, but also the less beautiful feelings such as worries and fears. Their support has been especially important to you over the past few months when they have shown great selflessness and willingness to help you get out of the crisis.

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To dream of selling apricots

This dream, unfortunately, predicts a financial crisis. It is possible that your job will be called into question at the moment when you need the money the most. The employer will decide to transfer you to another position in order to save reduce your salary and save some money. You will probably have to save a lot or even find an additional source of income.

To dream of giving apricots

A dream in which you give apricots to someone indicates that you will soon realize that you were born in the wrong era and that the current value system does not suit you at all. You have been brought up in such a way that honesty, education and kindness are the most important qualities that a person must possess. However, as you grow older, you become more and more aware that those who do not possess these values ​​are much more successful. You begin to doubt that what your parents taught you will do you any good in life. However, you are too young to simply give up on everything. It’s time to start fresh and look for your place under the sun.

To dream of getting apricots as a gift

If someone gives you apricots in a dream, it symbolizes emotional problems. You have probably only recently realized that a loved one does not share the same view of your future together. Unlike you who are trying to plan on how you would both be better tomorrow, your partner looks only at things in the near future. Sometimes it seems to you that they don’t even want to think about your future together and this makes you very unhappy. It’s time to figure out what you want out of life and instead of trying to change them, learn to love them or simply move on. If love is not enough for you, it means that you should look for your happiness next to someone else.

To dream of stealing apricots

When you steal apricots in a dream, it implies that you like someone who is not available for many reasons. Maybe it’s an emotionally busy person or someone who doesn’t even know you exist. You, on the other hand, often fantasize about how nice it would be for you to be together. You believe that you have many similar qualities and that you would get along great. This crush on the person you are idealizing will pass when you meet someone else who will be able to completely occupy your attention. If in a dream you see someone stealing apricots, it means that a friend will ask you to introduce him or her to an acquaintance or relative. You will be the mediator at the very beginning of their romance, but be careful, don’t get too involved in it, because if the relationship fails, you could be blamed for it.

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To dream of planting an apricot tree

If you plant an apricot tree in a dream, it indicates positive changes in your life. This can be related to work or place of residence. You will decide to put down roots in another place, which you firmly believe will be better for you than the previous one. In time, it will turn out that you were completely right. If you dreamed of someone else planting an apricot tree implies that you will join a humanitarian action to help an individual, family or institution. You will realize that you cannot do much alone, but that a group of people can make a big difference. This will be just the beginning of your humanitarian work.

Dream of eating sour apricots

This kind of dream indicates that someone or something will not meet your expectations. You will probably realize that you have idealized someone too much or that the relationship you are currently in is not what you want. Disappointment can also apply to work because you might realize that the position in the company you took over requires much more sacrifices than you could have imagined.

To dream of eating rotten apricots

Rotten apricots predict a loss of confidence. Something will happen to you that will make you doubt your talent, skills and knowledge. You must not allow one bad situation or one person to change your plans, decisions and actions. Forget about it and try to restore motivation to be even better than before.

To dream of eating dried apricots

Dried apricots symbolize beautiful moments with those you love the most. You will decide to travel with your family or partner or to organize a gathering where everyone will finally gather. Contact with dear people will help you overcome the stress you are currently feeling and recharge your batteries for new life challenges.

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