Dreaming about a celebrity – Interpretation and meaning

A well-known person is someone whom everyone wants to be, who is an idol and whom everyone admires. Dreaming about famous artists, singers, actors and other famous people became a common thing nowadays. Dreams about celebrities are a symbol of fame and success that people can achieve with their hard work. If you dream of a celebrity, this represents your unquenched desires.

Celebrities present in dreams show that you feel the need for society to accept you, but not because of fame and recognition. Instead, you try to get other people to recognize your work, your skills and your progress. When you dream of a famous artist, it also represents your need to hope for success. On the other hand, when you feel scared in front of a celebrity, it can show that you are afraid of success. According to the dream dictionary, dreaming of celebrities predicts success at work and even a drastic change in your life. 

14 Interpretations of dreaming about a celebrity

To dream of seeing a celebrity on television and wanting to meet him or her

You have completely wrong principles that you persistently and blindly adhere to, and you can’t understand how much you are wrong and how much you will really hurt yourself and the people you love if you don’t change as soon as possible and start doing things right. 

To dream that you have met a celebrity you adore

It is important to you that you are the center of attention. You might be the only child or the youngest or you wish to be so you act spoiled and bratty. You don’t even realize that nobody likes you anymore because of your bratty behavior. You act entitled which is pushing people away from you. This dream is a sign to change and focus on being more pleasant around people. You need to let go of your arrogance and realize you are no better than your friends and family. You need to focus on spiritual growth and healing.

To dream of asking for an autograph from a celebrity but they ignore you

You will not find support and approval for some of your actions from people close to you because even though you thought love between you is enough to be forgiven, you will soon realize that you need to prove you changed with your actions, not words.

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To dream that you are a friend of a celebrity 

You are ashamed because you believed in some lies and deceptions of people who are very skilled manipulators. You can’t escape the guilt feeling after you said something insensitive. Even though you were tricked into believing a lie about someone, you have no arguments to defend your actions and you feel sorry for what you did. The best thing to do is to admit your mistake and apologize to the person you unintentionally insulted.

To dream that you have been photographed with a famous person 

You pretend to be someone you’re not so other people would believe you have a great and carefree life. You want to be seen traveling, owning expensive clothes and luxurious cars. In reality, you are just finding new ways to edit your photos and make an elaborate ruse. You need to change because all the lies might surface and you will find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

To dream that you are a celebrity

You suffer because you do not have wealth and power, and you have become someone who is ready to achieve goals and score a better position at work, so you will certainly make mistakes and face some difficulties on your road to success. However, you must not give up, you need to pave your way to success.

To dream that a celebrity came to your house 

You need to be careful who you trust and who you consider a friend because someone is very jealous and envious of you. You have something they want and even if it is unintentional, their jealousy might ruin your friendship. 

To dream that you went on a trip with a celebrity

You have relaxed too much and left some problems waiting on the side. If you do not deal with them soon, the problems will pile up and you won’t be able to catch up. 

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To dream of kissing a celebrity

You fantasize too much, and you can’t face reality, which is cruel and difficult, but at least it is the real situation you are in, and it is best not to get carried away with fantasy.

Dream that you know a celebrity

You always have to hide something to protect the people you love and to help them, but they don’t understand that. You are not the kind of person who likes to lie and hide things so you feel uneasy about the whole thing. You would prefer being straightforward.

To dream of trying to seem like a celebrity

A dream in which you are trying to seem like a celebrity reflects your waking life where you strive to show yourself as someone who is better and more valuable than the rest. It is difficult for you to accept that you are average. This would not be a problem if you worked hard on being better instead of pretending to be better. One day you will realize that pretending does not make you happy.

To dream that you have killed a celebrity

This dream hints that there are some big troubles and losses in front of you, both in the private and business part of your life. You try to hide everything, so you can try to correct mistakes, and so as not to embarrass your family and cause great problems that would ruin your reputation.

To dream of working with a celebrity

You are trying to understand why your partner left you and what you did wrong, but it is much easier for you to shift the blame on your partner so you can act as if you are a victim and pretend that you are not to be blamed for anything. 

To dream that you are suffering because a famous person did not return your feelings

You stop at nothing when you have a clear goal in front of you, and you don’t care at all who and how much you will ruin and humiliate because only your goal is what matters to you.

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