Dreams about a Donkey – interpretation and meaning

Although the donkey is an animal that is associated mainly with stubbornness and stupidity, it is an indisputable fact that this animal is an essential symbol of someone who is hardworking and diligent, who is ready to work hard to achieve goals, but also someone who is very loyal, noble and always willing to sacrifice for others. The symbolism of dreams in which the donkey is the dominant figure is very diverse and specific. We offer you the interpretation of dreams about a donkey in our dream dictionary below.

14 Interpretation of dreams about a donkey

dreams of seeing a donkey

If you dreamed that you saw a donkey in a dream, it is a bad sign in reality and usually implies some recent conflicts and quarrels, even if you are a very reasonable, sober and calm person by nature. You are a person who tries to avoid conflicts and you prefer to turn everything into a joke. However, you will find yourself in a company that will be more than uncomfortable, so you will have to react and protect yourself. You will realize that people cannot be pleased and that it is best to look after yourself and your interests.

To dream that you are riding a donkey 

If you dreamed of riding a donkey in a dream, in reality it means that some of your hard work will soon pay off, and that success and progress will follow, but only if you do not act hastily and do not repeat some mistakes from the past.

Dreaming of sitting on a donkey that doesn’t want to move

If you dreamed of sitting on a donkey that does not want to move either forward or backward, it symbolizes that in reality you have taken on a large number of obligations and that you will need a lot of time and patience to realize all this and achieve your desired progress and goal. However, if the donkey from your dream suddenly decided to move, it is a very positive symbol and has a better meaning of a completely unexpected achievement and great success.

Dream of seeing a donkey carrying things

Dreaming about a donkey carrying a large and heavy burden on its back means that in the coming period you will be very unhappy and dissatisfied and that your great effort and work will remain without reward, and it will greatly affect you.

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Dreaming of a dead donkey

If you see a dead donkey in a dream, in reality it means that a close person will embarrass you, betray you or get you in trouble. According to our dream dictionary, the mentioned dream does not have any good symbolism and it represents worries, anxiety, pain, loss or financial ruin.

To dream of an old, sick and exhausted donkey

If you dreamed of a donkey who is sick and old, it means that you have hurt and disappointed someone very much, but do not regret your actions because other people’s opinions and feelings do not concern you. On the other hand, this dream can also imply the fact that all your efforts are in vain, and that you will not be able to realize your plans and ideas.

To dream of another person riding a donkey in your dream

If in a dream you saw one of your acquaintances riding a donkey, it means that that person will be ridiculed by other people.

Dreams of buying a donkey 

Buying a donkey in a dream indicates that you have become aware that true happiness comes from small things. You have changed your perception and your superficial view of the world.

To dream that you fell off the donkey

This dream points out that you are a rude and self-sufficient person. You never acknowledge other people’s successes and achievements, and you constantly criticize, belittle and find flaws in the people around you.

Dream of being chased by a donkey

A dream in which a donkey chases you means that people who do not know much about you envy you and tell lies about you, and thus damaging your reputation and position in society.

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To dream that you have been kicked by a donkey

Dreaming about a donkey kicking you indicates that you have some secrets from the past, that at some point you acted illegally and immorally and you are constantly afraid that someone will expose and reveal you.

Dream of a black donkey

To dream of a black donkey symbolizes joy. It is possible that you will change the things that have made you unhappy in the past and that you will look for happiness in small things. You will find that many things do not depend on you and that no matter how hard you try; you will not be able to change them. 

To dream that your donkey escaped

This dream indicates that you will be arguing with a very stubborn person in the near future. Since you yourself are quite stubborn, your debate could very easily turn into an argument. You will present your arguments in vain because this person’s pride will not allow him or her to respect your opinion. 

To dream of selling a donkey

Selling a donkey in a dream indicates that you will give up on an idea, even before you try to realize it. You will probably tell someone what you are thinking about and he or she will persuade you to give up. As long as you function that way, you can’t hope for more success. You should work on your confidence.

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