Dreams about engagement

Dreaming of engagement

What does it mean to have dreams about engagement?

Dreams about engagement usually reflect your need for love, attention, family, safety, being cared for, etc. For people who are already married it might represent their wish for their marriage to improve somehow, and maybe become even more personal with your husband/wife. If you’re not engaged then it could mean you’re thinking about moving your relationship to another level. 

8 engagement dream interpretations

Dreams about getting engaged

Having a dream where you were getting engaged to someone you’re currently in a relationship with, in your waking life, means that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with that person. If you’re not in a relationship with that person it could mean that you wish for them to be husband or wife. 

Dreaming about getting engaged with someone you don’t know could mean you’re discovering some aspects of your personality previously unknown to you. It would be wise to try and recall as many details as you can about the person because that might be what you’re looking for in your waking life. 

Dreams about your brother’s/sister’s engagement

A dream where your sibling was getting engaged might represent your great and loving connection to them, and you wish them everything life has to offer. 

Dream about an ugly wedding ring

Wedding rings usually symbolize connection, and dreaming about an ugly wedding ring could mean that your connection with your partner isn’t as good as you think. Accepting that ring, even though you didn’t like it, means that you’re feeling connected with your partner, and your relationship is above material things. It’s important to try and remember your reaction when you received the ring, and that could tell you how you really feel about your partner.

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Dream about engagement without a ring

If you had a dream where you were getting engaged but didn’t receive, or give, a ring then this could mean you’re not ready for a long-term commitment. You’re having some doubts about how and your partner will behave when your relationship becomes more official. 

Dream about an awkward engagement

Having such a dream might indicate you think your partner does not respect you enough and doesn’t care much for your opinion. Maybe he’s not treating you the way you deserve or disrespecting you in some way. 

Being proposed by an unknown person, and it was an awkward situation, might indicate you still haven’t found your true self and are still trying to figure out what you want out of your life.

Dream about getting engaged to an ex

If you were proposed by your ex and you refused it means you’re very satisfied with your current relationship and have no wish to look back. You’re done with your past and are ready to move on with your life. If you accepted the offer of your ex then the dream might indicate that you’re unhappy in your current relationship and are longing for your ex or some qualities he had. Maybe you’re just under the impression that your current relationship isn’t that serious. 

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Dream about arranged engagement

Having a dream about an arranged engagement, after someone arranged a marriage for you, might represent that someone is forcing you to do something you don’t want to. Someone, in your waking life, is forcing you to make some decisions you’re not comfortable with, and this dream is a reflection of that situation. You’re feeling you’re not in control.

Dream about someone wanting the engagement ring back

Dreams like this usually don’t have a positive meaning. Maybe your current relationship isn’t developing the way you want it to, or you’re just going through a rough patch and it’s making you depressed and sad. You could be feeling that ending the relationship could help you move forward in some other areas, however, you spent too much time with your partner and you don’t want it to end abruptly. This dream is a message to talk to your partner and try to find some compromise that will help your relationship and ensure you’re both happy and satisfied. 

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