Dream about an earthquake

Dreaming about an earthquake

Earthquakes are terrible natural disasters that occur suddenly, with almost no warning at all, and leave a trail of death and destruction. Dreams about earthquakes can be a sign of a transformation, some sudden events, and changes, losing a job perhaps… but at the same time is a representation of things “settling” and calming down. Sometimes they can represent your feelings of not being in control of some situations or parts of your life. 

14 interpretations of dreams about an earthquake

Dream about seeing of feeling an earthquake

If you had a dream like this, where you felt the ground shaking, this might indicate and foretell some problems coming your way involving your personal love life or your career.

Dream about cracks and landslides after an earthquake

Seeing cracks in the earth, landslides, and debris after an earthquake foretells some bad news you will receive from a distant relative. 

Dream about hearing earthquake thunder

Hearing loud sounds produced by the earthquake could mean that someone in your surroundings, a friend or a close family member, is doing something behind your back that could hurt you in the long run. It would be best to think very carefully about who could it be and try to prevent it before it goes too far.

Dream about ground shaking during an earthquake

Feeling the ground shaking and barely being able to stay on your feet might indicate some financial problems ahead. Might be wise to cut your expenses until the difficult times pass and you’re back on “solid ground”.

Dream about the destruction after an earthquake

Seeing all the destruction in your dream means that some project you’ve been working on might end up a disaster. Another meaning of this dream can be that you’re about to make a very important decision that will change your life completely and there won’t be a way to come after making it. 

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Dream about people in the ruins of an earthquake

Dreaming about people in the ruins might indicate that someone very close to you might need help from you. Think about who could it be and do your best to help them. 

Dream about saving someone during an earthquake

A dream where you were saving someone during an earthquake means that you think of yourself as a savior. You think you’re a reliable person to whom people can come if they need help with any problem. 

Dream about your house being damaged in an earthquake

A dream where your house or some real estate you have is damaged might represent and foretell an actual disaster that could happen in your waking life. 

Dream about people fleeing from an earthquake

A dream like this could be interpreted as a warning that something potentially dangerous could happen at your place of work. 

Dream about looking for shelter during an earthquake

A dream where you were running and looking for shelter trying to escape the falling debris might represent you acting too spontaneously and rashly. You don’t give enough thought to everything you’re doing and sometimes those rash decisions come back to haunt you. 

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Dream about finding shelter during an earthquake

Finding a safe place, in your dreams, during an earthquake indicates you’re about to make all the right decisions that will solve all your problems and struggles. 

Dream about watching an earthquake from the far

Having such a dream is a warning and foretells that some dangerous situation might happen to you in your waking life. Be ready, and on the lookout, for any possible dangerous situation that might happen and try to avoid it any way you can. 

Being in your office during an earthquake

If the earthquake started while you were working it could be interpreted as something big and life-changing is about to happen in your work life. Your career will change significantly, possibly a change of your profession entirely. 

Dream about hearing of an earthquake

If you heard about an earthquake happening somewhere far away then this dream might be a foretell of a long and pleasant journey you’re about to embark on. 

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