Interpretation of dreams about Outer Space

Dream of outer space

Dreaming of outer space means you like to explore and that you prefer to think for yourself. You might always be in the pursuit of knowledge and you try to look at different points of view. It can also suggest that you are ‘spacing out’ due to your habit of thinking too much. You should refocus on your dreams and goals and stop letting yourself get distracted by irrelevant things.

16 interpretations of dreams about outer space

Dream of a spaceship

Spaceships in dreams symbolize imagination and creativity. If you dreamt about spaceships, you have a vivid imagination and you are still in touch with your younger self. Age is not an issue for you as you still enjoy all the things you did in your younger days. This may also mean that you are yearning for a new experience. Perhaps it is the right to try out a new sport or book a holiday to a new location. Even changing your go-to bar or restaurant will elevate your spirits. If you have a fear of the unknown and you only allow yourself to explore new places in your dreams, it means that the thought of change and exploration in real life scares you too much. Perhaps you need to be courageous and take that leap.

Dream of flying into Space

In case your dream is about you flying to outer space with wings or other technology, this suggests that you are aiming to achieve an elevated sense of consciousness. You are planning something larger than yourself. A major project might come your way soon.

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Dream of floating in Space

A dream where you are floating in space, suggests that you are “spacing out”. Consider refocusing in order to regain your concentration. Your focus is not on your future like it should be. You need to stop simply wandering around and focus on your goals.

Dream of falling from Space

Dream of falling from space suggests that you will be pulled back to reality. You will probably soon lose optimism about something. You might easily get disappointed if one of your plans does not work. Be on the lookout if you have had unrealistic goals in the recent past. You might suffer a rude awakening and lose hope. Do not let yourself get discouraged easily.

Dream about being lost in Space

To dream about being lost in space indicates that you feel alone and that you have lost a clear vision of your goals. You are experiencing loneliness as you battle the feeling of being lost on your own. You need an anchor which will tie you down. It could be a person or a place you call home. The dream suggests that you get easily distracted.

Dream of being trapped in the Outer Space

To dream that you got trapped in outer space and that you can’t make your way back to Earth; suggests that you will be in a tight place emotionally or physically. Be on the lookout for financial or emotional troubles that will come your way. You will need to find an escape route when problems pile up. You don’t want to feel trapped forever.

Dream of staring into Outer Space

A dream in which you are staring into outer space reflects your desire for spiritual improvement. You are aiming for some kind of enlightenment. Your current focus is on your personal and emotional growth.

Dream of having Sex in Space

If you are having sex in space in your dream, then that dream has a meaning that you are currently striving to improve yourself, intellectually and physically. It can also be interpreted as a need for something new and exotic.

Dream of looking at the Sun from Space

The dream of looking at the sun from space means that you are focusing on your own energy. Your inner glow is burning brighter than the sun and it will diminish all the difficulties. Maybe you are thinking of ways to reignite the fire within your loved ones so they could burn as bright as you. So far they have been relying on you to be a light providing guidance for them. It is time they start relying on themselves. The sun can also represent the beginning of a new life. This could refer to a new baby in your family or a personal transformation that will provide you with a fresh start.

Dream of being in Space

If in your dream you are floating in space without any gravitational pull, it symbolizes the closeness between you and your friends. However, if you felt afraid or uncomfortable floating in space, it can represent your inner fears related to your close bond with your friends. It represents an inner feeling of worry that you are preoccupied with chores and obligations which could negatively affect closeness with your friends.

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Dream of a Black Space

Dreaming of outer space which is black points to curiosity and mystery. You do not know what is around the corner but you might prefer it that way.

Dream of a Colorful Space

A dream about a colorful rainbow space points to a bright future. You will be full of hope. You will await the future with anticipation and you will have a positive attitude.

Dream of a Green Space

Green space in a dream points to some kind of restriction. You might be in some kind of controlled environment. You are probably doing what your superior or your parent tells you because you feel like they know better.

Dream of being in a Space Battle

If your dream is about space battles with robots and spaceships, then that dream points to the battle of thoughts and opinions. You will soon need to stand your ground in a debate with conflicting opinions. You will need to convince someone of your own belief.

Dream about being on a Space Mission

Being on a space mission in a dream indicates that you are expanding your knowledge of the world. You are making moves with a clear goal in mind. You are currently working on expanding your horizons and paying more attention to your future.

Dream about a Space War

A dream of a space war between nations or galaxies points to the conflict of grand ideas. The dream represents the fact that you are experiencing some type of political or religious conflict with others. Your friends and family do not understand why you are siding with a certain religion or political view.

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