Dreaming about a wallet – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming about a wallet usually means dreaming about your identity, personal values and how we see ourselves in today’s society. People keep their money, documents and pictures of loved ones in their wallets, so a wallet is a powerful symbol of everything you hold dear. A wallet is a symbol of potential power you hold, as well as a reflection of your self-respect.

12 explanations of a wallet in your dreams

Dream about a brand new wallet

When you dream of a brand new wallet, this dream represents a feeling of great power. Dream like this makes you feel like you are completely in control over every aspect of your life. Maybe you finally dealt with a problem that’s been troubling you for a while in any case you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Dream about an expensive wallet

This is an excellent omen and a fore sign that good times lie ahead, even a possible cash prize. It’s possible that you’ll embark on a new adventure that will help you to have a better understanding of yourself and who you really are. The future has only the good things in store for you.

Someone trying to steal your wallet

This dream could represent that you think that you’re a pushover, or that you’re noticing someone is trying to take advantage of you. You feel like somehow your reputation and stature are being threatened. Like somebody is trying to take credit for something you’ve done. These kinds of situations could not only result in a financial loss but also a loss of credibility with your family and friends.

Dreaming you lost a wallet

This could be a sign of worthlessness, even depression. It’s possible that you’re embarrassed of your financial state and feeling like your life is a mess. Also, you could be going through an important life period where your identity is being brought into question.

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To dream about buying a wallet

Dreaming about buying a wallet points to significant changes you’re currently going through. Those changes might change your whole personality. These new challenges you’re facing will change your attitudes towards money and material belongings.

To dream about finding a wallet

If you had a dream where you found someone’s wallet, such a dream talks about how you recently “found” something very valuable, It might be that you’ve actually found something worth a lot of money, or that you perfected a skill you practiced for a long time. In case you dreamt finding your missing wallet that could mean you will return to old habits.

Dream about an empty wallet

This is a clear sign that you feel vulnerable and insecure. It’s possible that you recently lost someone close to you.

A wallet full of money

Such a dream is a very favorable fore sign; your financial situation is about to improve significantly. It’s possible you will get a raise or inherit something from a distant relative.

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A wallet full of coins

This dream refers to some sort of secret you’re keeping. It might also refer to you being a person other can confide in. If your wallet was full of nickels that means you’re a trustworthy person.

Golden or a yellow wallet

Dreaming about a golden wallet means that you’re very good with finances. It would be a good idea to invest into a business.

Black wallet

A black wallet is a powerful symbol in dreams. It symbolizes that you want to keep your true nature to yourself, you’re not comfortable with sharing too much with other people.

Dreaming of a red wallet

The color red usually symbolizes passion. This dream might be telling you that you’re too focused on money and material stuff, and forgetting about things that really matter.

Wallet definition according to Merriam-Webster:

a folding pocketbook with compartments for personal papers and usually unfolded paper money

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