To dream about a bank – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreams about a bank

Banks in your dreams most often represent energy and activity and could also mean that you’re in perfect control of your finances and have a clear plan on how to manage them and possibly invest them sometime in the future. 

Rarely they could represent some financial problems as well, and a warning to manage your finances more responsibly.

13 bank dream interpretations

To dream about a bank

Just seeing a bank could mean you’re about to receive some small financial profit. This dream could also mean there is a profitable and successful period in your immediate future. 

Dream about entering a bank

This dream could be a bad omen and a foretell of some stressful period ahead, possibly involving your close relatives. 

Dream about withdrawing cash in a bank

If you dreamt about a bank teller giving you money then this dream is a good sign and a foretell of a profitable period ahead. However, a dream like this could also mean you’re lacking security in life, emotional or physical. 

Dream about depositing money in a bank

Dreaming about depositing money could mean you’re a generous person, but also a warning you should be more careful whom you give your money to. 

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Depositing money and valuables in a bank

This dream is an indication that, generally speaking, you’re feeling safe and secure. You feel like you’ve accomplished a lot and even if some financial difficulties do happen you have enough reserves. In this dream, the bank could be a representation of some authority in your life, and you giving them your money and valuables is a sign of your complete faith in that authority. However, it could also mean you’re careless because you think there is always someone watching your back. It would be wise to take more responsibility in your life because there will come a time when you will be on your own. 

Dream about opening a bank account

This dream is usually a bad sign and might indicate that you’re currently going through some financial difficulties. Maybe you had some unexpected expenses and now you reached your limit.

Dream about closing a bank account

This dream is a warning of some serious financial problems in your immediate future. It’s possible you’re living a luxurious and extravagant life and now it’s catching up to you. Consider this dream a serious warning and try to get your finances and your spending in order before it’s too late and you go bankrupt. 

Dream about cashing out a check-in bank

A dream like this might mean you are about to receive some bad news about a close relative or a dear friend. That bad news might involve some accident or maybe even an illness. 

Dream about getting a new job in a bank

Dreaming about getting a job in a bank is usually a good sign and might indicate some financial gain and a change for the better. 

This dream might also be a sign of your improving social status and how people view you generally. 

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Dream about working in a bank

Working in a bank could point to some problems with one of your younger kids or one of your younger relatives, and this dream it’s telling you to do something about the problems they are facing. Those problems could relate to their health, behavior, or grades in school. 

Dreaming about an empty bank

Being in an empty bank is usually a bad sign and might point to some problems or difficulties you’re experiencing at your job or at home. 

Dreaming about a bank robbery

Being in a bank robbery could mean you’re involved, in your waking life, in a very serious situation over which you have no control. 

This dream could also mean there is a period in your future where you will have to separate from your family for a while because of your work responsibilities, but it will pass really quickly. 

Dream about someone stealing your savings

This dream is telling you that you should be satisfied with everything you have in your life. If, by the time you wake up, your saving weren’t returned the dream could point to some compromise you will have to make.     

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