Dreaming about gold – meaning and interpretation

What does it mean to dream of gold?

Dreams about gold refer to our best qualities, such as trust and integrity, and dreaming about gold could indicate you’re about to discover those qualities within you or in other people. Dreams about gold are usually a good omen and represent good times ahead, however, they could also point to some difficult times as well. Gold is a symbol of wealth, luxury, and prosperity in real life and most often represents the same thing in your dream, however, it could also be a sign of arrogance and a feeling of superiority. 

15 interpretations of dreams about gold 

Dreaming about gold jewelry 

Gold jewelry is usually connected to love. If you were, in your dream, gifting someone jewelry it could be a sign you miss that person a lot, and they are missing you. This dream could be a reminder to get in touch with someone you haven’t seen for a very long time. 

Dream about a golden ring

This dream might indicate you’re about to get something you’ve been waiting for for a very long time. If you’re currently working on a project at your job it could mean that the task is almost complete and that all your hard work will pay off. 

Dream about a golden chain

Dreaming about a chain represents that the relationship with your partner is only getting stronger every day. It could also be a sign of deepening your bond with your family. 

To dream about a golden necklace

This dream might indicate your financial situation is about to get really good. It’s possible you’re about to get a raise at your job, or maybe you’ll inherit something of great value. 

Dream about a gold bar

Dreaming about a gold bar is an excellent sign concerning your love life. If you’re currently single, you’re enjoying it, but someone is about to enter your life with whom you might have a future. If you’re in a relationship with someone then this is a sign it’s only going to get better. 

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Dreaming about golden dust

This dream is a warning about the financial situation. At the moment you have several job offers, but be quick in deciding what option will you choose before they turn to “dust”. 

To dream about a lump of gold 

Finding a lump of good in your dream is an excellent omen. Most often it’s a sign of a friend that you can rely on. That friend will always be there for you, and help you when you need it most. 

Dreaming about losing gold

This dream might represent some missed opportunities. It’s possible you’ve been given a chance for success but somehow it backfired and now you’re feeling a little depressed. 

Dreaming about golden coins

Dreams like this are a sign for success. If some business opportunity presented itself, it would be wise to take advantage of it. 

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Dream about buried gold

This dream might indicate that there is something being hidden from you. Someone in your vicinity is keeping something from you. 

Dream about being surrounded by gold

This dream could be a symbol that some financial problems you’re having are about to end. Your hard work is finally going to pay off. 

Dream about stealing gold

A dream like this carries negative symbolism it could represent losing the respect of other people.

Dream about melting gold

A dream like this represents gossip. Someone in your surroundings is spreading some bad rumors, and the whole situation could end very badly. 

Golden earrings

To dream about golden earrings is a good omen that represents a new friendship ahead. The dream could also represent harmony and peace in your love life. 

Dreaming about a golden rope

If you had a golden rope around your neck it could mean that something is holding you back. 

Gold definition according to dictionary.com:

a precious yellow metallic element, highly malleable and ductile, and not subject to oxidation or corrosion.

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