Dreaming about a well

Dream of a well

Dreaming about a well is connected to your deepest emotions. A well symbolizes water, of course, and as such is a representation of life. Wells were originally used by a whole community and even entire villages and towns so according to that, it might also represent a symbol of harmony and teamwork. 

13 interpretations of dreams about a well 

Dreaming about a well full of water

Dream about a full well or an overflowing one is a great sign that you’re about to enjoy a period of prosperity and profit. If you come into large amounts of money, it would be wise not to spend it all at once. This dream could also represent you are a big spender with expensive tastes. Be careful not to spend everything you have because there might come a time of financial crisis. 

Dreaming about a deep well

A deep well is a representation of the depth of your emotions. If you can’t see the bottom of the well it could be a sign that you’re repressing your emotions so deep that no one has any idea how you’re truly feeling. 

To dream about a dried-up well

A dream about an empty well could mean you’re currently going through an emotional crisis. It might also mean it’s time to put your needs first. 

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Dream about falling into a well

This dream might mean that you’re losing control of your emotions. A dream like this might be a premonition you’re about to have a little of a rough patch in your immediate future. It’s important not to panic, and it would be wise to seek some help with dealing with the problem. 

Dreaming about digging a well

A dream like this might represent you digging, searching, for your deepest emotions. This dream might also mean you’re trying to explore some new ideas.

Dream about throwing things into a well

Throwing or lowering things into a well could mean that you recently lost something or someone very important to you. Be careful to avoid more unnecessary losses. 

Dreaming about a decorative well

Might be a sign that someone in your surroundings isn’t showing you his true face. Be careful around those people, especially if they are giving you some sort of advice. They are probably doing it only for their benefit. 

Dreaming about a well with a lid on it

This dream might refer to a situation where someone is using their influence to protect or even hide some things from you. If the lid was closed in a way it couldn’t be opened again it could mean that someone is abusing their power, probably a colleague or your boss.

Talking into a well

If you were leaning and talking into a well it might be a sign that someone is about to give you some very bad advice. Another possibility could be that you’re trying to help someone but they don’t even want to listen to you. 

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Dreaming about a wish well

This dream might mean that some of your wishes are about to be fulfilled. 

Getting water out of the well

This dream is a positive sign your wishes are about to come true. There is a bright future in front of you. 

A well full of clean water

This dream might indicate you’re about to inherit some money or you’re about to get some help from a person whom you haven’t seen for a very long time. A well with clean water can also represent a hidden potential you have. 

A well full of filthy water

This dream could indicate there are some problems in your immediate future. Maybe you invested in something and now you’re realizing it was a terrible idea.  

Well definition according to Merriam-Webster:

a pit or hole sunk into the earth to reach a supply of water

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