Dreaming about a horse – dream meaning

Horse dream meaning

Horses in dreams always symbolize good things. The reason for this is probably because a horse has been always associated with strength and success.  Today, people rarely dream about horses, mostly because horses became animals you can see today only on TV or in racetracks.

18 interpretations of dreams about a horse

To see a horse in your dreams

Dreaming about seeing a horse means wealth.  Every job you start will finish successfully.  Your commitment to your family is met with the only prize you deem valuable, love.  Your home is an oasis of peace and joy.  Appreciate and acknowledge everything you have in your life, you worked really hard for it.

Dreaming of a horse in gallop

If you dream about a horse in a gallop, this means you will succeed very quickly.  Everything you start and everything you work with will be very successful.  This is a very good indicator for all of your business ventures.  This does not apply to games of chance and gambling, but only for those jobs where you have to give a lot of your efforts to make them work.

Dreaming about horse muck

If you dream about horse muck, this means health.  You took the advice and changed your lifestyle.  This has resulted in excellent health for you.  You slowly incorporate good habits into your daily life, and the results are obvious:  you’re healthy.  Family members are also happy about the changes you’ve made because now you have more time and patience to tend to their needs.

To dream about horse muck also means financial gain.  If you are waiting for inheritance or litigation in relation to inherited property, you may end up with much more you were hoping for.  This gain might solve most of your financial problems, but still, be very careful how you handle your money.  Debts you’ve accumulated over time have become quite high, and the best thing to do is to use your financial gain to handle said debts, rather than purchasing things you don’t really need at this moment.

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To dream about harness

To dream about harnessing means that you are ready to tackle any problems life might throw your way.  You are guided by a principle of “survival of the fittest” and you actually enjoy overcoming obstacles thrown your way.  Sometimes you are overly stubborn which may cause loss of contact with people who are dear to you.  Even though you are a strong and insensitive person, you feel lonely very often and you want the support when you fight your fights alone.  You seem reclusive, so people don’t know who you really are.  You often want to get help from others, instead of being a “shoulder to cry on” for everyone else.

To dream of riding a horse

To dream about riding a horse means success.  Many people say you are destined to achieve great things and the fact that you can accurately predict where to invest and to what to pay more attention to only adds to this opinion of you.  You are always one step ahead of the competition.  You think of life as a chess game, therefore you carefully plan every move you want to make.

Dreaming about someone else riding a horse

To dream about someone else riding a horse means you will be disappointed in love.  You will probably have unrealistic expectations from your partner, who will not know what they did wrong.  You will not openly explain to your partners what you would like them to do, instead, you will believe these things are kind of self-understood.

To pet a horse

If in your dreams you pet a horse, this dream means your attention to detail will lead to a commendation or promotion at work.  It is possible for someone at your work to finally start noticing all the work you’re putting in.

Black horse

If you’re dreaming of a black horse, this dream you will have to put in the tremendous physical effort to achieve success.

Brown horse

If in your dreams you have a  brown horse, this means that you will not have to put in a lot of work to achieve success.

White horse

To dream about a white horse means you will have to work very little to achieve success.

To kill a horse

Dreaming about killing a horse means you will beat your competition.  Your long-term strategy will work and your competition will not be able to keep up with you.

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Eating horse meat in your dreams

If you dream about eating horse meat, this dream means a healthy and long life.

Dreaming about stealing a horse or have your horse stolen in your dreams

You will feel ashamed and embarrassed because of something you didn’t do.  It is possible you will fail someone in your family or a close friend.

To sell or buy a horse in your dreams

If you dreamed about buying a horse, this means your lifelong wish will come true.  You will probably finally treat yourself to something that makes you very happy.  You will believe you have deserved it and it will bring you maximum joy, and later on, you will focus on finances and other things that may cause you discomfort.  If you dream about selling a horse, however, this means you will receive financial benefits soon.

Dreaming about falling off of a horse

Falling off of a horse in your dreams means nothing else but getting used to something we do not know about.  Not one person has ever learned to ride a horse without falling at least once.  Still, to master this skill, you need to mount the horse again and keep trying.  This dream is telling you the same thing – do not quit, face your challenges and try and try again!

To see someone else falling of a  horse in your dreams

This dream shows your natural curiosity and adventurous spirit.  It proves that you are courageous enough to start something new and completely strange to you.  You may finally decide to start your own business or move to another town or state looking for a happier future.

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Dreaming of a horse throwing you off itself

If in your dreams a horse throws you off of itself this means you need more self-confidence.  If you believe in yourself more then nothing is impossible.

To dream a horse kicked you

When you dream about a horse kicking you it is a warning you should be careful around two-faced people.

This dream can have a simpler explanation.  If you’ve seen or ridden a horse recently, this must-have left an impression on you.

Definition of horse according to merriam-webster.com

A large solid-hoofed herbivorous ungulate mammal (Equus caballus, family Equidae, the horse family) domesticated since prehistoric times and used as a beast of burden, a draft animal, or for riding

Various pictures of horses

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