Dreaming of litigation, the lawsuit

Litigation dream dictionary

To dream you won litigation

If you win litigation, this means success will end times of hardships.  It is possible that a problem you have been trying to solve for years, and even made you give up at times, will be resolved.  However, when you least expect it, things will turn your way and you will reap the legal and just rewards of your efforts.

Dreaming of losing a litigation

If you lose litigation in your dream, this implies your wishes simply can’t be granted.  You often have impossible requests which take away a lot of your time and energy.  You don’t take advice from goodhearted people who point out your mistakes as you don’t accept a failure and you never admit you were wrong.

To dream you stopped a litigation

When you stop litigation in your dream, this means you will be saved by the bell.  You probably cannot get enough money to start a private business, or you keep failing to get a stable job.  This will have a negative impact on your mood, but there is a silver line in all of that, a very prosperous opportunity is just around the corner.

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Dreaming about waiving a litigation

If you waive litigation in your dream, this means reconciliation.  You might forgive a person who did wrong to you because you’ll realize hatred is a feeling that can only cause damage.  You will forgive, but not forget what this person has done to you, and the relationship will not be the same, but you would still like to keep in touch.

To dream about leading a litigation

When you lead litigation in your dream, this implies that you will be caught in a crossfire.  There is a possibility of friends, or family members will confide to you about their feuds.  You will be expected to play “a judge” and you will not like this role, as it may very easily backfire.

The meaning of this dream can be more simple.  If you recently lost, won, stopped, waived or led litigation, this has certainly left a very big impression on you.

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Definition of litigation according to dictionary.cambridge.org

  • the process of taking a case to a court of law so that a judgment can be made
  • the process of taking an argument between people or groups to a court of law
  • the process of causing a disagreement to be discussed in a court of law so that an official decision can be made about it

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