To dream of a monkey – dream explanations

Dreaming of monkeys

Dreaming about a monkey is rarely a positive sign and usually points to some health problems and a deterioration of your health condition. Also, this dream could talk about your selfishness and how you’re only focused on yourself, dismissing what everybody thinks or feels.

Monkeys, in dreams, are often a symbol of deception and betrayal. They can also represent some sort of humiliation someone close to you will suffer and you will not be able to help them in any way. 

12 interpretations of dreams about monkeys

Dream about a monkey on your shoulder

A dream where a monkey was sitting on your shoulder is a good foretell that someone very dear to you is about to pay you a visit.

Dreaming about a group of monkeys

This dream is rarely a good sign and most often indicates you are about to face some difficulties. It might also represent that some situation or a part of your life isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Someone from your surroundings is trying to take advantage of you in order to fulfill some hidden agenda. 

This dream could also represent you having a wrong, childish attitude toward life and sometimes failing to understand the gravity of some serious situations. It’s possible you spend a lot of time with people who share similar views on life. 

Monkey imitating someone

A dream where a monkey is imitating someone’s behavior might indicate you’re immature and reflect on your childlike behavior.

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Dream about a monkey attacking you

This dream is a symbol of your aggressiveness and irrational behavior. Also, this dream is a foretell of an upcoming argument or conflict with someone.

Dream about a monkey on a branch

Seeing a monkey sitting or hanging off a branch usually represents some sort of an internal struggle. You are avoiding facing some problems that are troubling you for a long time now, and it’s only making the situation worse.

Dream about a monkey climbing on a tree

A dream where a monkey is climbing on a tree might be a warning to pay more attention to the behavior of people around you. It’s possible that someone in your surroundings is trying to publicly humiliate you and you might end up deeply disappointed. 

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Dreaming about a dead monkey

Dreaming about a dead monkey is usually a good omen. This dream means that you will successfully prevent your enemies and their plans to hurt you. Sometimes these dreams might indicate you should be more mature, responsible, and more serious in general.

Dreaming about killing a monkey

This dream is a sign you are getting ready to face all the people that have been trying to hurt or exploit you.

Dream about being bitten by a monkey

Being bitten by a monkey might indicate you’re about to start a new romantic relationship with someone whom you have had your eye on for a very long time. However, if an elderly person had such a dream then it might represent a deterioration of your health condition. 

Dreaming about a monkey in a cage

Monkey in a cage is a warning that you shouldn’t get involved in other people’s business. Most likely you’re curious about things that don’t necessarily have anything to do with you and it can’t bring you anything good, you might even get into a dangerous situation. 

Having a monkey as a pet

A monkey as a house pet is usually a bad sign that your fear and worries are suffocating you. It’s possible that your fears aren’t based on anything real but you just can’t help it. This dream is usually a message to stop worrying over nothing and for you to try and find a way to think more constructively and positively.  

To dream about a baby monkey

Dreaming of a baby monkey represents a currently harmless situation that could possibly grow into a serious problem. Just like a baby monkey is considered cute, but later on, grows into a big nuisance. If possible you should deal with that situation right now before it gets out of control. 

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