Dreams about a lion – meaning and interpretation

Dream of a lion

Dreams in which a lion appears as the main motif are not so common. However, these dreams should not be ignored because they can convey some important messages and point to something you can expect in the upcoming period. According to most interpretations, the lion in dreams is a symbol of strong emotions and important events that will follow in the near future. Also, the lion can be a symbol of courage, power, and strength.

However, the meaning of the dream about lions depends on how you saw the lion and what emotions this animal aroused in you. Were you scared or were you friendly towards the lion? Was the lion tame or aggressive? What color was the lion in your dream? These are all circumstances that you must take into account if you want to interpret your dream.

7 interpretations of dreams about lions

To dream about a tame lion

If the lion in your dream was tame, it is a sign that other people will support and respect you in the coming period. You will be in charge and your decision will be well respected. You are facing a period of success and there is no reason to worry.

 To dream about an aggressive lion

If you saw an aggressive lion and a lion who wanted to attack you in your dream, it is a sign that you are subordinate to someone. Someone doesn’t appreciate your opinion and often puts you in an awkward situation. That someone is putting you down asserting their dominance over you.

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To dream about a lion attacking you

If a lion was attacking you in your dream, then this dream might be a sign that you will have to invest a lot of effort to achieve what you have been wanting for a long time. Namely, there are many obstacles on your way to the goal and you need to successfully overcome them in order to achieve the goal. This dream might also be a warning that someone is trying to replace you at work, but be courageous and don’t back down from a challenge.

Dream about wounding or killing a lion

If you saw in a dream how you wounded or killed a lion, that dream is a sign that you are ready to defend yourself and your rights. You have your opinion and enough courage to oppose even the one who is in a higher position than you. Similar to the last interpretation be brave and stand your ground.

To dream about a white lion

The white lion in your dreams symbolizes your power and potentials that you should use a little more and put them in the foreground.

To dream about a black lion

If you have seen a black lion in your dreams, then it is a sign that you will have a negative experience in the upcoming period. Namely, there will be negative energy around you and it is possible that someone will try to harm you or that you will harm someone. It is also possible that someone is trying to steal your love partner away from you. Be on the lookout for who might it be, and do everything to prevent that from happening.

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Dream about a caged lion

Dreaming about a lion in a cage might indicate the success that awaits you in the coming period. You just need to take the right attitude and be ready to react in a certain situation. It is possible that you have great potential within you to accomplish great things, but currently, you are trapped and unable to unleash that potential.

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