Dream about a rocket – Meaning and interpretation

Dreaming of rockets

A rocket in a dream indicates a kind of plan or idea that reaches unimaginable heights – just like a rocket. Consider all the details of a dream to get the correct meaning. In a simple sense, the dream of a rocket is associated with male sexuality. Any kind of symbol of power corresponds directly to our ability to create or to upgrade. In that sense, the rocket has a symbol similar to an airplane, except for the destination, which in this case will be much further.

A rocket in your dream may suggest that we need explosive energy to make radical changes in our lives. Because of its ability to reach great heights we have never been to, the rocket represents a spiritual quest and adventure.

19 interpretations of dreams about rockets

Dream about making a rocket

If you dreamed of making a rocket, it means that you will not give up on your ideas or plans for a long time. You are determined and your hard work will pay off when the time comes to make rapid progress. It will take you years to build successful projects but when a project or business starts, you will be well rewarded.

To dream that a rocket is falling from the sky

To dream of a rocket falling from the sky and shattering, indicates that you are too unrealistic with your expectations. Maybe you are taking shortcuts or trying to achieve something at any cost. It will backfire soon and pull you back into reality. Watch out for life-changing mistakes.

Dreaming of a rocket launch

If you dreamed of seeing a rocket launch or a rocket ascending across the sky and moving into the atmosphere, that dream is a sign that all your hard work will pay off. You are close to a breakthrough that will lead you to the next level. You must continue to make progress; it will pay off.

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Dream of trying to stop the rocket countdown

If you dreamed that you are trying to cancel the rocket launch sequence or the countdown, it means that you are afraid that something might happen too fast in your life. You are trying to prevent a major event or a change from happening.

Dream of riding a rocket

If you dreamed of riding a rocket, it is a period of rapid progress. You are in a kind of a situation where you are growing rapidly as a person. You are finally tasting the fruits of your labor. Be aware of creating a safety net or an exit plan during the process. If you’re not careful, your fall can be just as spectacular as your abrupt rise.

To dream that a rocket has fallen

If you dreamed that the rocket fell, it indicates that school or career will enable you to reach the next level in life. Continue working hard in order to get where you want.

Dreaming of a new rocket

To dream of a completely new rocket, refers to a new beginning and letting go of bad habits. You will soon get a new opportunity to do things your own way.

Dream of a rocket explosion

If you dreamed of an exploding rocket, it predicts that you will be busy or spend more than you can afford. If you invest too much money into your goal, it may backfire easily. On the other hand, this dream can mean that your emotions are ready to spiral out of control at any moment, which can ruin your plans. You can avoid this if you find a way to get rid of the accumulated tension and find a safe way out for your emotions. The best thing in this situation is to enjoy some good humor.

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To dream of a rocket launcher

Dreaming of rocket launchers is similar to dreams of bombs and rifles, you will take certain drastic measures to destroy your enemies. However, be sure to know what you are doing and keep a safe distance.

Dreaming of a rocket ship

If you dreamed of a rocket ship, it indicates that you have great strength and make quick and smart decisions. Consider your stress levels and how you deal with your responsibilities. Do not overwork yourself.

Dreaming of a rocket engine

If you dreamed of a rocket engine, it reflects your strong motivation. You will spend and use everything at your disposal to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of a space rocket

If you dreamed of a space rocket, it means that you will soon experience a higher level of consciousness.

Dreaming of a rocket launch

Dream of a rocket launch symbolizes lust and sexual drive.

Dream of flying on a rocket

This kind of dream symbolizes sexual intercourse, but for a man, such a dream speaks of an overestimated self-esteem of his sexual capabilities.

Dreams of a rocket crash

Dream of a rocket crash symbolizes a failed sexual intercourse whose memories can cause a lack of self-esteem.

Dreams of many rockets launched

The dream in which many rockets are launched symbolizes an active and diverse sex life with a large number of sexual partners.

Dreaming of a failed rocket launch

A dream about an unsuccessful rocket launch symbolizes problems with potency or a genital condition. This dream also suggests that you lack energy for certain things in your life.

To dream of rocket fireworks

To dream of multicolored rockets launched during fireworks predicts that you will soon be invited to a family celebration with good friends. There is nothing better than being surrounded by people you love so this event will bring you joy and happiness.

Dreaming of launching rocket fireworks

If you dreamed about launching rocket fireworks you will have a lot of fear but you will handle it on your own. You will work through your fears and you will be able to go on about your day without much trouble. Fears could cripple your love life so you will be glad you dealt with them on time. You are starting a new chapter in your life – the one with no place for fear.

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